Moosh - Sleepy ESA Dog
September 21, 2017
ESA Cats and ESA Dogs: Which Is More Suitable For You?

ESA cats and ESA dogs do exactly what they say they do- they support you emotionally. An ESA pet can play a very important role in your life. Without wishing to sound over-dramatic; it can even be a life-saver. If you’re suffering from a mental or emotional disability, the right pet will almost certainly help reduce your symptoms, Read More

Moosh - ESA dog and owner in sunset
September 19, 2017
How to Keep the Cost of Owning Your ESA Dog to a Minimum

Nowadays, emotional support animals (ESAs) are everywhere. It’s almost inevitable that you will see somebody on the subway or walking down the street with a pet tortoise, snake or ESA dog with them. These animals have a special purpose, which is to help alleviate symptoms of mental illness that their owners carry with them. Similar to service Read More

September 17, 2017
Why You Need a Genuine Emotional Support Animal Letter and How to Spot One

There are so many reasons why you might be interested in receiving an emotional support animal letter to register your pet. Emotional support animals offer a wide range of benefits for those who experience emotional and/or social anxiety. Anything can trigger these feelings of duress, however, common conditions for those seeking therapy from emotional support animals Read More

Moosh - ESA Cat on Sofa
September 15, 2017
4 Things Any Responsible ESA Owner Should Know

Emotional support animals (or ESAs for short) are designed for people in distress. They are a constant, comforting presence in the face of debilitating mental illness such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, bi-polar disorder or autism. An ESA can help with all these afflictions by simply being available for its owner; it does not require any special Read More

Moosh - ESA Cat in Suitcase
September 13, 2017
What You Need to Pack For a Journey with Your ESA

Unlike other pets, an emotional support animal (or ESA for short) is allowed to accompany its owner in places where normal pets would usually be forbidden. ESAs aren’t like other pets; they are a specialized form of animal that are prescribed as a treatment plan for anyone suffering from a mental health disorder. ESAs are particularly Read More

Moosh - ESA Dog Running
September 11, 2017
6 Must-Have Accessories For Your Emotional Support Dog

Emotional support animals (especially emotional support dogs) are a form of psychotherapy. They are prescribed as a treatment for patients suffering from mental illness and conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, autism and bi-polar disorder. Although they’re a relatively new phenomenon in the field of mental treatment, they are proving to be a huge aid Read More

Moosh - ESA cat by computer
September 9, 2017
Can You Bring an Emotional Support Animal into Work with You?

Most people may be aware of the two major legal rights a person with an emotional support animal is entitled to under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ability to fly with your animal free of charge due to the Air Carrier Access Act and the right to live with your pet because of the Fair Read More

September 7, 2017
8 Ways to Spot a Fake ESA Letter

As the use of emotional support animals (ESAs) is on the rise, so are the amount of companies offering to issue ESA letters and registrations. It’s now more important than ever to remain vigilant when choosing which company to register your ESA with, as there have been a number of shady companies sending out a fake Read More

Moosh - ESA cat and dog on couch
September 5, 2017
Can I Have More Than One Emotional Support Animal?

Emotional support animals are such wonderful little creatures that it’s no wonder some people want one, or two or five! While it’s easy to see why anyone would want to fill their lives – and homes – with tons of furry friends, it’s important to know the legal situation when it comes to owning more Read More

Moosh - pack of ESA husky dogs
September 3, 2017
Why You Need to Consider Your Climate When Getting an Emotional Support Animal

There are many things to consider when you’re getting an emotional support animal, or ESA. You may have to think about your housing situation, potential allergies and if you have any other pets. However, climate is also a very important factor to consider, and it is one that many people will neglect to think about. Read More