February 2, 2017
6 Ways In Which An Emotional Support Animal Can Change Your Life

Every pet owner knows that having an animal in your life can represent a big change! However, while for most of us, a pet means a lovable, loyal and sometimes frustrating companion, for some of us, they can mean so much more. Studies have shown that people who suffer from a variety of mental health Read More

February 2, 2017
Getting Your Emotional Support Letter: All You Need To Know

Emotional support animals (or ESAs for short) are a family recent phenomenon in the mental health arena. As opposed to traditional therapy dogs, which are specially trained to aid people, especially those confined to institutions such as prisons, nursing homes or hospitals, ESAs require no special training to get their job done, just an emotional Read More

MooshMe - happy pup
February 1, 2017
3 Ways To Increase Your Emotional Support Animal’s Quality Of Life

It’s easy to think that your emotional support animal is only there to give you emotional support; there’s a clue in the name, right? However, this is a two-way relationship and it’s important to give your ESA as much love and attention as possible; after all, it’s making you feel happier and more confident in Read More

MooshMe - pig-walkies
February 1, 2017
Can A Pig Make A Good Emotional Support Animal?

More and more American animal lovers are choosing to keep small pigs, generally the Vietnamese Miniature Pot-Bellied variety, as pets. These cute little creatures are smart, friendly and adorable and they have become a very popular choice as emotional support pets. With celebrity trendsetters Miley Cyrus and Megan Fox being snapped rolling around with their Read More

MooshMe - Siberian Husky
February 1, 2017
Which ESA Dog Breeds Are More Suited To Cold Climates?

When tourists think of visiting the US, they immediately think of the Palm Springs, Florida or the sun-kissed waves of California. However, we know that there are plenty of chilly places across America, many of which are fantastic areas to live and raise a family. If you are looking to register an emotional support animal Read More

MooshMe - ESA owner
January 31, 2017
5 Ways Having An Emotional Support Animal Can Improve Your Mental Health

When I’m sad and lonely or feeling blue, there’s one thing I can do that I know will lift my spirits and make me feel instant relief from any emotional turmoil. I call Ian, my pot-bellied pig (not on the phone; he’s only in the other room), and in he trots, eager as ever to Read More

MooshMe - Shih Tzu
January 31, 2017
Which Emotional Support Dog Breeds Are More Suited To Living In The City?

If you’ve decided that the emotional support animal that you want to register is going to be of the canine variety, good for you! There’s nothing quite like getting that ESA dog letter through the mail, registering your faithful companion as the emotional support dog that is going to help you through thick and thin. Read More

ESA cat & ESA dog
January 31, 2017
Cats vs. Dogs: Do We Really Have To Choose When It Comes To An Emotional Support Animal?

It’s an age-old issue that has been discussed by the public, pet owners, scientists and anthropologists alike: which are better, cats or dogs? While there’s no rational reason why you have to like one more than the other, if you’re in the market for an emotional support animal then you will have to choose between Read More

January 30, 2017
Does The Purring Quality Of ESA Cats Really Help Your Bones?

It’s no surprise to many of us who keep cats as emotional support pets that they alleviate stress and make us feel better. There’s nothing quite like the comfort of a warm kitty resting happily on your lap and enjoying your love and attention. Their purr can be endlessly reassuring to their beloved owners, but Read More

MooshMe - great dane
January 30, 2017
Which ESA Dog Breeds Are More Suited To Hot Climates?

We’ve all seen dogs panting in hot weather but did you know that our canine companions actually use this breathing technique as a method to cool them down? Some dogs are better suited to hot weather and if you’re looking to register an ESA dog with an emotional support animal letter then it’s best to Read More