Moosh - Happy Dog

Your ESA dog provides you with copious joy, happiness, and wellbeing, doing an invaluable job of calming you in times of stress and generally keeping you emotionally balanced. So it is crucial that you return the favor by ensuring your emotional support dog is as emotionally comfortable and happy as possible.

Here are 10 ways to optimize your ESA dog’s happiness and wellbeing.

Make Sure They Get Plenty of Exercise

Physical exercise is one of the most effective ways to improve happiness and wellbeing. Exhausting the body, getting the heart and lungs pumping, and using the muscles releases a huge burst of endorphins. These endorphins course through your dog’s body when you take it to the park for a good run or a nice long walk. Making sure your ESA dog gets plenty of vigorous exercise will shoot its happiness and wellbeing levels up through the roof!


Feed Them a Healthy Diet

Optimal nutrition is crucial for a healthy body and mind. Feeding your emotional support dog a diet of high-quality, nutritious food will make sure that it is getting all of the vitamins, minerals, and proteins it needs to be healthy and happy.

It is also helpful to feed your ESA dog similar foods each day, and at a similar time. A regular eating routine will improve your dog’s physical and mental health, and optimize its wellbeing.

Keep Them Optimally Hydrated

Being optimally hydrated is crucial to your emotional support pet’s happiness and wellbeing. Being thirsty is very uncomfortable, and being chronically slightly dehydrated can lead to low energy and health complications, which will reduce your ESA dog’s happiness and wellbeing.

Moosh - Dog Eating

A good diet and lots of water makes for a healthy, happy ESA dog.

Provide A Low-Stress Home Environment

Stress is contagious. When an emotional support dog lives in a stressful atmosphere, its mental health will deteriorate. A house in which arguing, fighting, and bickering are common will not be good for your ESA’s emotional wellbeing. You can optimize your ESA dog’s happiness and wellbeing by making sure that the environment in which it lives is as relaxed, friendly, and stress-free as possible.

Take Them For Regular Grooming

If your emotional support dog is physically uncomfortable, it will not be optimally happy. When a dog’s coat gets too long, scraggly, or dirty it can lead to the dog feeling too warm, itchy, or even getting fleas. To optimize your emotional support animal’s happiness and wellbeing, make sure it gets groomed regularly. A nice clean coat cut to just the appropriate length for the season will maximize your dog’s comfort levels and, in turn, enable it to feel happy and content.

Make Sure They Aren’t Too Hot or Cold

As we’ve just mentioned, physical comfort is crucial to your ESA dog’s wellbeing. As well as keeping your dog’s coat trimmed and clean, it is also important to make sure your dog is never too warm or too cold. When a dog is chronically too warm or too cold, its mood will slump and it may get anxious or depressed.

Make sure your ESA is not too hot or too cold by choosing the right breed of dog for your environment, allowing it to sleep indoors during times of extreme cold, and keeping your house well heated or air-conditioned (depending on the time of year).


Provide Them With Plenty of Tactile Contact

Dogs are extremely social animals. They adore human contact. By giving your emotional support dog lots of tactile attention – petting, scratching and cuddling – you will be making sure its deep need to bond is being met. This regular loving contact will optimize your ESA dog’s happiness and wellbeing.

Moosh - Contact

An emotional support dog generally needs lots of contact with its owner to keep it healthy and happy.

Take Them For Regular Vet Visits

Your dog’s happiness and wellbeing can be compromised by any underlying health conditions. By bringing your emotional support pet to the vet for regular check-ups, you can make sure that it is as healthy, comfortable, and happy as possible.

Provide Them With Their Own Personal Living Space

Your ESA dog needs a place to call its own. Whether it’s a comfy basket in the corner or a cozy kennel in the yard, a dog needs its own space. Providing your ESA with a comfortable personal living space with some toys and warm blankets will optimize its happiness and wellbeing.

Ensure They Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Last but not least… Good sleep. Just like humans, dogs require enough good quality sleep in order to feel happy and emotionally stable. Making sure your emotional support dog gets a great night’s sleep – by providing comfy bedding, feeding, and watering it at the right times of day, and providing it with plenty of rigorous exercise – will allow your ESA dog to love life, and to be as happy and content as possible!