Moosh - kitten in bed

You can divide humanity into two distinct groups. One group enjoys sleeping in a bed with another person. They enjoy the feeling of reassuring closeness. The second group prefers sleeping alone. They find sharing the bed to be overbearing and overwhelming; they get too warm and fidgety, and prefer to have their own space, revelling in the uninhabited expanses of an empty bed. To the first group, a cool, deserted bed means loneliness. To the second group, it means freedom! And owners of emotional support animals will be in one group or the other.

Some ESA owners love to cozy up in the same bunk as their emotional support animal. Others prefer to enjoy their emotional support animals by day, but separate when slumber beckons. This article is mainly aimed at ESA owners in the first group. There are some emotional support animals that will share your love of tandem sleeping and are well suited to sharing your bed. And then there are ESAs that will not thank you for dragging them into your bed, and really are not at all suited to dual slumbering.

So firstly, here are three emotional support animals that are ideal for sleeping in your bed…

Moosh - dog in bed



This is a fairly obvious one. “Man’s best friend” comes in many shapes, sizes, and temperaments. But what the vast majority of dogs have in common is a highly sociable streak and a deep adoration for their owner. Emotional support dogs are always available, ready, and super-eager to spend quality time with their human best friend. Most dogs will leap at the chance to share a bed with you. They will cuddle (and snore and drool) to their heart’s content and enjoy every moment of it. So for people who like a slumber partner, emotional support dogs are ideal for sleeping in your bed.


The humble house cat is another emotional support animal that will be happy to sleep in your bed. Due to the fact that cats are typically smaller in size and a little bit more aloof than most dogs, an ESA cat will probably enjoy accompanying you in bed, but will be slightly less available than a dog. Cats like a cuddle as much as the next ESA, but you need to remember their smaller, more fragile stature, so be careful not to hold them too tightly or roll over on top of them. But if you take care not to hurt your ESA cat, and also respect its desire to be left alone on its side of the bed from time to time, an ESA cat will be ideal for sleeping in your bed.

Pot-Bellied Pig

ESA pigs love to sleep! They will take quite a few naps throughout the day and then still manage to sleep soundly for 8 – 12 hours each night. Pot-bellied pigs make good bedfellows because they are very social, playful, and intelligent, and also very deep sleepers. Pigs love to cuddle, and they also love a nice lie-in. (Pigs are not really “morning ESAs”.) Because a pig is highly intelligent, it can be quite easily toilet-trained, so you don’t need to worry about little accidents occurring in the middle of the night. Although, it isn’t advisable to leave your pig alone in bed for too long, as it may wake up and start munching your curtains…

And now for two ESAs that are not ideal for sleeping in your bed!

Moosh - ESA rat


Emotional support rats are some of the most intelligent and social ESAs in the world. They adore human company and can be easily trained. Their affable nature means that they would probably very much enjoy sleeping with you in your bed, but unfortunately, this is a bad idea. Rats are very small in stature (even giant rats), and due to this, the risk that you will inadvertently injure your ESA rat in your sleep is just too high. Also, rats are nocturnal creatures, which means they do most of their sleeping during the day. They sleep heavily, but for relatively short periods of time – they are nappers. At night they will tend to be quite lively and awake, so the best place for them to spend the hours of darkness is in their spacious, well kitted out cage.


Snakes love to snooze. But it is not advisable to have your ESA snake sleep with you in your bed. Even if it is a smaller snake, such as a docile and relaxed corn snake, you could easily roll over on top of it and seriously injure it. The best place for an emotional support snake to sleep is in its bespoke, suitably lit, temperature-controlled terrarium.