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Emotional support animals (especially emotional support dogs) are a form of psychotherapy. They are prescribed as a treatment for patients suffering from mental illness and conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, autism and bi-polar disorder. Although they’re a relatively new phenomenon in the field of mental treatment, they are proving to be a huge aid for those in need.

ESAs provide comfort to their owners by providing a constant, soothing presence, and although they’re not trained like other forms of therapy animals, they are still a therapeutical benefit in their owner’s life. They are also afforded rights that other pets don’t have, and can accompany their owners to places and journeys where other animals aren’t allowed. More specifically, it’s the person with the disability who’s afforded the right to bring their ESA with them at all times.

But just because an ESA is a pet with a function, they are still pets and living animals who deserve to be looked after to the best of the owner’s ability! This includes buying them lots of nice things and accessories to make their lives as comfortable as possible. They do so much for their owners, so it’s their duty to spoil them now and again; they deserve it.

Far and away the most popular type of support animal is an ESA dog (followed by the ESA cat, bringing up second), and luckily, there are a huge amounts of accessories to deck your dog out in. Here are six must-haves to create the most stylish and practical emotional support animal you can possibly have!

Moosh - Dog Wrapped Up
If your emotional support dog is as cute and cuddly as this one, you should get a GPS pet tracker to make sure you never lose him.

Pet Tracker

Most emotional support dogs are highly trained and well-behaved, but as any pet owner will know all too well, animals are unpredictable at the best of times. You never know when your dog might run off when you’re out for a walk; unfortunately, dogs do it all the time! You can rest easy by fixing a pet tracker to your pal’s collar and ensuring he’ll never get too far from you.

ESA Vest

Moosh - ESA Vest
ESA vests let others know the difference between your pet and a therapy dog.

Letting people know the difference between an ESA and a normal pet is often one the bigger hurdles that owner’s face. Well, salvation is at hand. There’s no better way to display your pooch’s ESA status than with an ESA vest. This handy and stylish accessory can help you move faster through airports and give you a certain amount of validity when trying to establish your rights as an ESA owner. You can pick up an ESA vest as part of an awesome value-for-money package right now on Moosh!

Moosh - Dog with ESA Vest
Not only is an ESA vest helpful to others, but it also makes your emotional support pet look adorable.

Tennis Ball Launcher

Exercise is crucial for dogs, whatever type of species you opt for. For those patients who are incapacitated or fatigued a lot of the time, you can ensure your pet gets the best kind of exercise with this handy tennis ball launcher. You can fire off a load of balls for your dog to chase and bring back, and you can do it all from the comfort of your garden chair. An exercised dog is a happy dog; don’t neglect this important part of your pet’s life!

Just make sure you don’t hit them in the face when you’re firing! And also make sure he’s actually bringing the balls back to you, or else you could be looking at a pretty long clean-up operation when your mutt’s all tired out.

Moosh - Dog with Ball
Besides the ever-popular bone, balls are of course the next best things that ESA dogs (and all dogs) love.

Smiling Dog Ball

Dogs can be loyal, endearing, cuddly and cute. They can also be hilariously funny. You can bring out your pet’s humorous side with these smiling dog balls, which will provide your pup with a big toothy grin once he gets it in his gob. Humor is proven to be a contributing factor in reducing symptoms of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety; so make sure you get the most out of your pet on the funny front!

Bamboo Dog Hammock

Although they’re not as famous for snoozing as their feline friends, any owner will know that dogs love to have a nap. Forget the blankets on the floor; if your pup wants to grab forty winks, let him do it in style on an insanely comfy-looking bamboo dog hammock. These bad boys will keep your dog content for hours on end, providing him with one of the best sleeps he’s ever had. Humans love hammocks, and your dog will, too.

Ruffwear Dog Pack

If your canine friend is accompanying you outdoors, let him help out with these amazing Ruffwear Dog Packs. Equipping your dog with a rucksack can have a lot of benefits, and your pet will be only too pleased to help out where it can. You can also strap one on when traveling with your ESA; they can carry their own luggage through the airport or train station and look pretty cool while at it!

That was our list of must-have accessories for your furry ESA friend. Now what are you waiting for – start your holiday shopping early!

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