There’s a reason why emotional support dog breeds are the most popular ESAs in the world today. These furry creatures are supportive, caring and loving machines and make the perfect companion for anyone – especially someone with an emotional or psychological disability.

Ask any emotional support dog owner and they’ll tell you all about the unrivaled human-animal bond that they’ve made with their pup. Emotional support dogs intuitively know when their owners are feeling blue, so as soon as they think you’re in a slump, they’ll shower you with doggy kisses and cuddles until you’re feeling right as rain.

As with any other emotional support animal, picking the right emotional support dog is the most important decision you’ll make on your ESA journey. While most dog breeds are lovely and cuddly and would make excellent ESAs, there are some breeds that seem to be tailor made to be the perfect emotional support dog.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are gentle giant ESA dogs that are lovable, loyal and ready to be your forever companion.

If there was a poster child for the perfect emotional support dog, it would have to be a lovable, snuggable golden retriever. These gentle giants are motivated by one purpose – to love and to be loved in return. The capacity for love and devotion that golden retrievers possess leaves all other dog breeds in their majestic shadow. Not only are they wonderfully loving, they’re also famously well-behaved, meaning you don’t have to worry about them destroying your home while you’re away at work.

Perfect with kids, adults and everything in between, golden retrievers are super playful, and they love nothing more than spending a day playing catch with their favorite person. Golden retrievers’ playful attitudes are infectious, so they’re great at treating depressive symptoms in their owners.


MooshMe - pug

Despite having a grumpy-looking face, pugs are extremely happy emotional support dogs who love nothing more than to cuddle with their owners.

Pugs without a doubt have the funniest personalities in the canine kingdom. In spite of their ridiculous personality, pugs are exceptionally smart and diligently attuned to their owner’s mood. This intuition, twinned with their natural desire to make people feel better, make pugs the ideal emotional support dogs.

In contrast to their perpetually grumpy-looking face, pugs are positively positive thinking creatures that really bring out the best in their owners. If you’re thinking of getting a pug, it’s prudent that you be au fait with pug care, as these lovely dogs need quite a bit of TLC.


From their cat-like ability to keep themselves clean, to their fun and active personalities, Vizslas are awesome ESA dogs to have.

Also known as the ‘vecro’ breed, Vizslas are famous for the fact that they rarely leave an owner’s side. While this might seem annoying to some, for emotional support animal owners, it’s invaluable because their furry friend is never too far from their reach.

Another thing Vizslas are famous for is their cat-like ability to keep themselves clean and tidy. This not only means that it’s one less job for you to take care of, but it also means that they don’t really smell like dogs – a big plus for smell-conscious ESA owners.

As Vizslas are athletic animals, they’re a good breed for active ESA owners. Vizslas love nothing more than going on a long run with their owners, followed by an evening curled up beside them on their couch.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are loyal, affectionate and great around children, making them excellent emotional support dogs for those with a family.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are so good at being loyal companions that they’re named after their most famous owner! For hundreds of years, these dogs have been domesticated, so they’ve been perfectly bred to be the ultimate life companion. Cavalier King Charles spaniels are incredibly efficient at fighting depression in their owners thanks to their life’s passion – cuddling! In fact, Cavalier King Charles spaniels love cuddling so much that they’ve earned themselves the nickname ‘Love Sponges’!

If you’re in need of some serious affection, you can’t get a finer provider than these long-eared cuties. This breed is wonderfully easy to train and they’re absolutely brilliant with kids, making them the perfect ESA for young children.


Yorkshire Terriers are great ESA dogs for small apartment dwellings.

Ever heard the story of Smoky the Yorkshire terrier? Some would say she was the original emotional support dog, as she boosted the morale of the soldiers in the trenches during World War II.

Yorkshire terriers are incredibly loyal and are able to quickly form close bonds with their owners. As they’re teeny tiny, they can live happily in smaller spaces, making them perfect for city dwelling ESA owners. Being toy dogs, Yorkies love nothing more than curling up on their owner’s lap after a hard day’s work.


MooshMe - labrador

If you’re looking for the most loyal emotional support dog around, you can’t go wrong with a Labrador Retriever.

The happy, energetic nature of an emotional support Labrador is positively infectious. A big, sloppy kiss from one of these gentle giants is enough to alleviate even the worst bad mood. Labradors are naturally gentle and incredibly intelligent. They’re flawlessly attuned to their owners’ moods and should they think that anything is wrong, they’ll do anything in their power to make their best friend feel better.

Labradors are full of energy and their passion for being outdoors is great for getting their owners outside and running around with them. You don’t ever have to worry about your Labrador straying, as they are loyal to a fault and will spend every waking moment curled up by your side.

If your choice of emotional support dog isn’t on this list, don’t worry! Any type of dog can make the perfect ESA to the right person. All dogs have the same innate, loving nature and this is what’s important – not just the breed.

If you think you could benefit from getting an emotional support animal letter for your four-legged friend, get in touch with us today and we’ll get you started on your ESA journey.