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Traveling is one of the best and most rewarding things you can do, and if you suffer from a mental or emotional condition, it can be very helpful in treating your symptoms. If you’re able to travel with your emotional support animal (ESA), it will make the therapeutic effects even better. There are obviously many places that animals aren’t welcome, but the good news is that there are lots of spots that love pets and invite people to bring them.

1. Toronto

You might think that Toronto is just a chilly town, but it’s one of the hippest places in Toronto and a great place to bring an emotional support animal. It has plenty of dog-friendly shops for those of you who are retail addicts and is home to beautiful historic districts that you’ll love walking around accompanied by your furry friend. There are also lots of cute restaurants and cafes that you can eat at with your ESA. We recommend The Black Bull, who will lay out a water bowl for your pet and allow you to eat and enjoy the Toronto summer sunshine together!

2. Austin

Austin is hipster heaven in conservative Texas, so it’s no shock that they’re pretty relaxed when it comes to accommodating pets. Home to the famous South by Southwest festival, Austin has gorgeous weather, delicious food, and lots of things to do with emotional support animals. If you’re looking for the perfect place to buy healthy treats for your ESA dog, Kriser’s Natural Pet is a haven of all-natural doggy food. There is also an endless list of food and drink venues that are pet-friendly. Some of our favorites include Radio Coffee, Moontower Saloon, and Red’s Porch.

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Packing up and heading on a vacation with your emotional support animal can do you the world of good.

3. Tel Aviv

While many people may be surprised to see a Middle Eastern country on this list, the truth is that Tel Aviv is a haven for pet owners who want to see a different part of the world. This cosmopolitan and liberal city is dynamic, exciting, and open, and has really prioritized its efforts to open pet-friendly establishments. There are even beaches that have been officially designated as dog-friendly, so you can bring your emotional support animal for a dip in the sea when the hot weather gets too much for you both. The gorgeous Yarkon Park is also a must see for any dog owner all year round.

4. Portland

Portland is famous for being a hipster paradise, so it’s not at all surprising that it’s one of the best cities in the USA to visit with an emotional support animal. Its temperate Pacific Midwest climate means that it’s the perfect place to take a hike with your dog, but just make sure you bring your raincoat! If you’re hungry after your walk, pop into Lucky Labrador. While you can’t bring your ESA inside, they have lots of great outdoor seating that is just as comfortable as being outside, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on the atmosphere.

5. Amsterdam

While you may think that Amsterdam only has weed and beer on offer, it’s actually a gorgeous and charming European city that is teeming with culture, wonderful food, and lots of activities for travelers with emotional support animals. If you’re looking for traditional pet-friendly activities, the city is full of gorgeous parks, including Flevopark, Westerpark, and Vondelpark, which you can walk your dog or other ESA in. The best thing about the city is that most of the bars and restaurants can be assumed to be pet-friendly and if they aren’t, they’ll politely tell you so instead of shunning you from their establishment.

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There are plenty of pet-friendly destinations around the world to take your ESA.

6. San Francisco

The sunny west coast is a wonderful holiday destination for anyone and their pet, but San Francisco is the perfect choice for a sunny vacation with an emotional support animal. The tech hub is modern but has also kept a lot of the charm of its historical roots, including the beautiful Painted Ladies houses and the Castro LGBT+ district. Its hills make it the perfect spot to exercise a dog, as do the seaside Fisherman’s Wharf and the gorgeous parks including Golden Gate Park, Dolores Park, and Presidio. The city also has a bustling street food and food truck culture, so you can grab some of the freshest and most delicious food in the world and eat it on the go with your ESA.

The best thing to do to ensure you have a smooth trip is to make sure you’re prepared. Bring your emotional support animal letter with you just in case anyone questions the credentials of your animal. The ESA letter will also ensure that you can bring your ESA onto a plane with legal protection under the Air Carrier Access Act. With preparation, both you and your emotional support animal will have a wonderful and restorative trip and will make lots of wonderful memories together!