Moosh - dog at groomer's

An emotional support animal, or ESA, is an animal that offers emotional support and therapy to anyone suffering from a range of psychological or emotional conditions. It has been shown that emotional support animals can help people suffering from a range of conditions such as eating disorders, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorders, to name but a few. Emotional support animals can be easily certified by obtaining an emotional support animal letter. But once you’ve got a certified ESA, you need to think about how best to care for your new friend.

The good news is that there’s a range of professionals out there to help you look after your ESA – and one of the most underrated of these is the pet groomer. They can help you in ways you never thought possible, so here’s why you should find a good one and make them your emotional support animal’s best friend.

1. Your home will be cleaner

For some people, keeping their home clean can be a struggle, especially when suffering from an emotional condition. It can also be a massive trigger to people if they live somewhere messy. By taking your pet to get groomed regularly, stray hairs will be less of a problem and you won’t be covered in fur every time you sit on your sofa. It’s also worthwhile to brush your pet daily, while outside, but regular professional grooming definitely helps.

Moosh - cat at groomer's

When you have a clean and happy pet, you have a clean and happy home!

2. Your furniture won’t get damaged

Sick of your pet chewing or clawing at your gorgeous sofa? Your groomer can help! Regular claw-clipping and teeth-cleaning can discourage your pets from these bad habits, as they won’t feel the need to groom these parts of their body themselves. If you have specific concerns, speak to your groomer, but remember that it is cruel to declaw animals and no groomer or vet who is concerned with animal welfare will agree that this is an appropriate treatment for your emotional support animal.

3. Your pet will smell better

No matter how much your love your fluffy friend, there is no denying that they can sometimes come with a certain smell. This is usually caused by a build-up of skin cells and bacteria that doesn’t affect humans because of our hygiene habits and lack of fur. By bringing your emotional support animal to get regularly groomed, they will smell better just by virtue of the fact that they are being treated to regular washes by a professional who is able to get in to their fur and remove the build-up. What better excuse is there to give your emotional support animal a big hug?

4. Your pet’s skin will be better

You may not consider this, but animals can suffer from many of the same skin conditions as humans. Groomers are well-versed in these conditions and will often be the first ones to spot them when pets are brought in for routine grooming. If your groomer notices something that is off, they can advise you to bring your ESA to the vet so that they can get appropriate treatment. If you notice your pet is itching or scratching, it might be worth chatting to your groomer the next time you go in so they can check for conditions and let you know if it’s worth visiting the vet.

Moosh - pet grooming

Pampering your emotional support animal with a bit of professional grooming is a great way to keep them healthy and happy.

5. Your pet will be happier

Think about how good you feel when you do your basic daily hygiene routine. What feels better than a nice hot shower? Similarly, how much fun do you have when you go to the spa, or to the hair salon, or for a beauty treatment? The groomer is the exact same for your ESA! As well as the practical reasons for a groomer, it’s nice to make sure that your furry friend gets a treat every so often. There’s no better reason to get a groomer than that!

6. Your pet will be healthier

All of the above reasons add up to one big benefit: regular grooming is proven to improve the quality of life of animals. By making sure that your emotional support animal keeps up-to-date with their grooming schedule, you’re ensuring that they will face fewer health problems relating to their claws, skin, and fur. You’re also giving them a little mental health boost, because you know that your animals are more than capable of having emotions. Your emotional support animal gives so much to you, so it’s a no-brainer to give something back to them.

If this hasn’t convinced you enough, talk to your doctor while getting your emotional support animal, who will tell you that caring for your ESA can be therapy in and of itself. Then go out and get your emotional support animal a day at the animal spa. You won’t regret it!