MooshMe - ESA Persian Cat

When you think of an animal that can act as an emotional support animal, cats don’t always spring to mind. They have a reputation for being aloof, cold and cunning, but this could not be further from the truth.

In reality, cats are loving, loyal and warm animals who are just as able to provide emotional support as other animals. We’ve rounded up some of the cutest and cuddliest breeds, so hopefully one of these seven choices will be the perfect fluffy feline friend to help you though the hard times.


MooshMe - ESA Siamese Cat

Siamese cats have no problem letting you know if they want attention.

This beautiful breed was made iconic by the Disney film Lady and the Tramp. While they appeared slinky and sly in the film, the reality could not be further from the truth. Siamese cats are known for their slender bodies, blue eyes and social personalities. They are incredibly playful and will love getting involved in games or with any toys that you buy them.

Their social nature means that they cannot be left alone for long periods of time, which may be ideal if you need soothing company from your ESA. If you’re worried about leaving your kitty alone, it is worth getting a pair of Siamese cats so that they can keep each other company when you’re out of the house. 

Maine Coon

MooshMe - ESA Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon cats are known to be good-natured, and they love to follow people around.

If you love fluffy cuddles, Maine Coons are the cats for you! As well as their long, fluffy hair, they are known for being an especially large breed of domestic cat. They are often compared to dogs, due to their willingness to socialize openly with humans that they may not be familiar with.

If you have social anxiety, Maine Coons are ideal, as they will encourage you to come out of your shell with their extroverted natures. They do require daily grooming due to their long fur, but the cozy hugs you’ll get from them makes it all worth it. 


MooshMe - ESA Himalayan Cat

Himalayan cats are sweet and affectionate, and they love to sit in an owner’s lap.

While Himalayan cats are a breed in their own right, they are actually a cross-breed of the Siamese and Persian breeds. They have long, fluffy hair like Persians, but beautiful blue eyes like Siamese cats. They are a kind-natured breed and are best suited to be indoor cats, due to their short bodies and legs.

Like Maine Coons, they do require frequent grooming, but they are extremely affectionate to their owners. They are loyal and calm around humans, but will usually only be openly cuddly with their owners. Once a Himalayan has bonded with you, you’ll be friends for life.


MooshMe - ESA Bengal Cat

Bengal cats are both highly active and highly intelligent.

Looking for a walk on the wilder side? A Bengal might be for you! These slick and slim beauties were originally bred to look like smaller versions of large, wild cats, and they have distinctive markings on their fur that look like leopard spots or tiger stripes. They also often have large, pointed ears, bringing to mind an ocelot or caracal.

Despite their wild origins, Bengals are highly social cats who require large amounts of attention to keep them occupied. They will respond well to an owner who wants to love and worship them, so if you’re looking for a partner in crime, Bengals are the cats for you.

Russian Blue

MooshMe - ESA Russian Blue Cat

Although Russian Blue cats are known to be shy and quiet, they love playing.

If you want a cuddly, cozy cat without the drama of a long-haired breed, Russian Blues are a perfect option. They have thick, short fur that is dark grey with a blue tinge – hence their name. They also have a double coat, so be aware that they may shed slightly more than other breeds. Russian Blues are known for their kind and reserved natures, so they’d suit someone looking for a breed that is less social, but still capable of love. 


MooshMe - ESA Persian Cat

Persian cats are serene, sweet and quiet, and they prefer calm environments.

Persian cats are amongst the most iconic breeds of cats. Their distinctive squashed faces are either adorable or odd, depending on your viewpoint! They come in a variety of colors, with long, fluffy fur, and they like a relaxing life, so they’re happy to lounge around the house.

Persian cats are well suited to small living spaces, such as apartments, as they do not need large amounts of activity. They are shy and reserved, but openly affectionate once they get to know humans. They are also known for being completely adoring of their owners.

There are issues to consider if you want to get a Persian. They are often overbred, so they’re prone to experiencing some health issues, which can make them high-maintenance. However, if you’re up for the challenge, their gorgeous personalities more than make up for this.

Mixed Breed

MooshMe - ESA Mixed Breed Cat

Mixed breed cats are just as loving, cuddly and dedicated as purebred cats.

Making the choice between specific breeds can be really overwhelming, so if it’s too much to handle, why not visit your local animal shelter and pick up a mixed breed? Every town and city will have an animal shelter, pound or charity that will want to rehome unwanted kitties looking for their forever homes. Rehoming a stray cat is very rewarding, and your feline friend will be grateful to create a new home with you.

No matter which type of ESA cat breed you choose, you’ll be sure to get undeniable love and support from your fluffy feline friend.  Once you finally do choose, we’ve got some great ways to spoil your emotional support cat so they’ll love you even more!