MooshMe - ESA Pomeranian

Sure, some people like to get their emotional support from ‘outside the box’ sources such as cold blooded lizards, aloof parrots, hard-hearted tarantulas and impersonal, unhuggable pythons. But, for most people, the more adorable their ESA is, the better! Most emotional pet aficionados agree that the more friendly, good-natured, social, cuddly, soft and fluffy an animal is, the better emotional support it provides.

Dogs are the most popular emotional support pet because (along with pigs and rats) they are the most socially-intelligent and affectionate pets around. But even within the species canis lupus familiaris, some members are even more adorable than others. Some mutts have their adorability dial cranked up to 12!

Here is our list of seven of the most adorable ESA dogs on Earth.


A beagle is one of the most loyal ESA pets you can get.

Beagles have smooth, short coats and big, floppy ears. Their sense of smell is precocious and they love exploring their surroundings. Ruddy and diminutive, these stocky little dogs love to play and are highly affectionate. Their sense of independence means that they need some clever training, but once a Beagle is shown the ground rules, it will be a trouble-free, loyal and adorable emotional support pet.

Basset Hound

This noble and relaxed breed is endowed with even longer ears than the beagle. The Basset Hound’s soft, floppy lobes and chin are beautifully therapeutic to stroke. One of the friendliest dogs around, these long-bodied and short-legged little chaps are great with children, strangers and other animals, and they are an ideal family dog. Although they are an effective (if slow-paced) hunting breed, Basset Hounds really don’t have a vicious bone in their elongated little bodies.

Due to their small stature and the fact that they are not overly energetic, they suit apartment living pretty well. They don’t need a huge amount of exercise, and will enjoy lounging and lazing around with their owner. Basset Hounds make great, and undoubtedly adorable, emotional support dogs.


The Pomeranian is the little dog with the big personality! This adorable breed has a small, mega-cute face, big bright eyes, a thick, furry coat and a larger-than-life, extroverted personality. Pomeranians are vivacious, fun-loving and almost cocky. They love to play and adore attention (and they bark and yap quite a lot if they don’t get it). They don’t enjoy being left alone – they are extremely social. Because of their miniature (almost toy-like) size, they can live in urban apartments. Intelligent and easily trained, Pomeranians make great family ESAs.

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers are super independent, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to play with you!

These little guys sport scruffy and deeply adorable little beards. They are intelligent, easily trained and very affectionate. Cheerful and always upbeat, a Miniature Schnauzer will bring a happy atmosphere to even the most dreary of rooms, thus providing fantastic emotional dog support.

In contrast to the Pomeranian, Miniature Schnauzers are rather independent – so while they are affectionate and enjoy company, they also don’t mind a little bit of alone time and they are not at all high-maintenance. Due to their high energy levels, regular exercise is a definite requirement, so daily games of ‘fetch’ in the park are a must!

Shar Pei

Shar Peis are lovely to stroke. They have loose, wrinkly skin and a short, thick, bristly coat. Noble, loyal and gentle, they make trustworthy, loving companions. Their wrinkly skin, fat head, stocky muzzle, purple tongue and short, thick back-curling tail make them a very distinctive looking emotional pet support breed. They are calm and always well-behaved so they are suitable to live in any home. But while very chilled-out and good-natured, they do like the sound of their own voice – barking is something they enjoy to do.

St. Bernard

St. Bernards can be considered the “gentle giants” of ESA pets.

Famous for coming to the aid of stranded mountain climbers in the Swiss Alps and keeping them warm with their loving personality, big wet tongue and the little barrel of brandy they often carried around their necks, the St. Bernard is the big dog with the even bigger heart! A true gentle giant, the St. Bernard is affectionate and extremely loyal.

As proven in the 1992 smash-hit movie Beethoven, St. Bernards make great (if sometimes a little messy) family dogs because they are wonderful with children. Despite their hefty size, St. Bernards absolutely still qualify as ‘adorable’ emotional support dogs because you don’t need to be small to be adorable!

Yorkshire Terrier

‘Yorkies’ are intrepid, courageous and full of heart, and they love nothing better than an energetic bout of intense, action-packed play! They are small and cuddly with long, soft hair, pink tongues, happy eyes and adorable little triangular, pointy ears. They are perfectly suited to apartment living, but they most certainly require copious exercise on a daily basis.

That was our list of seven of the most adorable ESA dogs on Earth. Some were cute, tiny and toy-like, while some were large, lumbering gentle giants. Regardless of size, all have warm, friendly, winning personalities, and all are deeply adorable!