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Do you want an emotional support animal but don’t have the time for a dog, the temperament for a cat or the search and rescue abilities for a small pet? Then you should consider getting an adorable, lovable emotional support rabbit.

These floppy-eared pets are arguably the cutest emotional support animals you can get. While their cuteness alone is reason enough to get one of these fuzzy friends, there are plenty of other arguments for why bunnies make the perfect ESAs. Here are seven reasons why you should get an emotional support rabbit.

They’re Gentle, Loving Creatures

Bunnies are naturally loving, gentle, and docile creatures. Ask any emotional support bunny owner and they’ll tell you that their bunnies’ caring nature is what makes them such great companions. As they are naturally loving creatures, bunnies bond quickly with their owners. When this bond is solidified, they’ll soon start to recognize their owners by voice and sound and eventually will respond to their name being called.

When handling your emotional support bunny, make sure you do so with the same love and care that they give you. Rabbits love nothing more than a warming cuddle from their owner and will only bite or scratch when they are mishandled or feel scared.

They Don’t Need a Lot of Space

Emotional support rabbits make great ESAs for owners who live in small houses or apartments due to the fact that they need very little space to be happy. A bunny can be kept in a relatively small cage, once it’s let out for a couple of hours a day to have a little run around the floor of your home. Though rabbits are happy to live in small cages, make sure they’re not too small, as this could prove to be dangerous for their health. Make sure the cage is large enough for them to be able to properly stretch out their body.

As well as this, it must also have room for a litter box and a feeding station. If you don’t like the idea of keeping your bun locked up in a cage, you could rabbit-proof your home – or a room in your home – and let your ESA have free rein to hop around as they please. Unlike other smaller ESAs, you’re at no risk of losing your bunny if they’re allowed to run free.

They’re Quiet

Emotional support rabbits are super quiet, so you don’t have to worry about bothering your neighbors or waking up in the middle of the night to loud barking.

Another reason that emotional support rabbits make perfect apartment dwelling pets is the fact that they’re seriously quiet. Anyone who lives in a tightly packed apartment building will tell you that pet noises can be a big worry. Having a vociferous pup keeping your neighbors up at all hours of the night will lead to a seriously frosty atmosphere. In contrast to other animals, rabbits make little to no noise, just a few adorable squeaks when they twitch their nose.

They’re Easy to Train

Rabbits are the perfect pupils when it comes to training. Like cats, with a little bit of guidance they will instinctively know to use a litter box if one is placed in their living space. As well as house training, bunnies are really clever and take to learning tricks with ease.

As is the case with other emotional support animals, rabbits are most responsive to positive reinforcement training, i.e. the use of the carrot, not the stick! Using special training treats – chunks of apple or banana will do – repeatedly reward them when they perform their tricks correctly. Keep this up for 5 minutes every day and you’ll be surprised how quickly your bunny will be executing circus-worthy tricks!

They Don’t Need to be Walked

Further adding to their reputation as the ultimate low maintenance emotional support animal, rabbits don’t need to be brought out for walks. Rabbits are perfectly happy to keep their life restricted to the four walls of your home, once they’re allowed the space and time to hop around for a few hours a day to expend their energy and stretch their legs. When they’re not hopping about, they love nothing more than curling up on the lap of their owner, getting and receiving some precious TLC.

They Have Hilarious Personalities

Just like Bugs Bunny has a unique personality, so will your ESA rabbit!

What most people don’t know about rabbits is that they have distinct, hilarious personalities. Every emotional support rabbit that you’ll meet will have its own unique personality and disposition. You’ll come across playful rabbits, dopey rabbits, grumpy rabbits, shy rabbits and just about every other kind of rabbit! Spend a bit of time with your prospective emotional support rabbit before choosing them to make sure your personalities don’t clash.

They’re So Friggin’ Adorable!

Is there anything on this green Earth as achingly adorable as a floppy-eared bunny? Their chubby little faces, twitching noses and cute little squeaks make them the most squishable, lovable, snuggable ESAs out there. Be warned though, owning an emotional support rabbit could prove fatal to your phone’s storage, as it becomes absolutely packed with photo after photo of your adorable bun.

When you decide to get an emotional support rabbit, we implore you to get it from a pound or a bunny shelter. There are shelters in every state in the country and you can find some great resources online to match you up with your new furry friend.

Now that you have your rabbit picked out, it’s important that you get your emotional support animal letter to go with it, which will afford you and your emotional support rabbit important rights. If you want to get an ESA letter but don’t know where to start, contact us today and we’ll sort everything out for you. You’ll soon be able to take your emotional support bunny anywhere.