Myths about pigs are all too widespread. People think they know pigs, but they usually don’t. Pigs make wonderful emotional support pets, but due to the numerous falsehoods and myths about pigs (perhaps propagated by shady cabals of cats and dogs eager to protect their exclusive place in the pet hierarchy?), ESA pigs are still rare.

It’s high time the record was set straight. Here are seven of the most common myths about pigs.

Myth 1: ESA Pigs Are Of Low Intelligence

One of the more commonly believed myths about pigs is that they are of low intelligence. This myth is of a par with the myths about celestial ordering that Galileo so courageously battled in the 1600s.

Pigs are far from being of low intelligence; in fact, the complete opposite is true. Pigs are highly intelligent animals, rivaling (and perhaps surpassing) dogs as the most intelligent emotional support animal species.

The myth that pigs have subpar brains has been doing the rounds for ages, but it’s high time this falsehood was thrown out with the trash!

Myth 2: An Emotional Support Pig Will Root Your House To Bits

Many people believe that an ESA pig will destroy their house by rooting and digging constantly. This is a myth.

It is certainly true that pigs have an innate urge to root, and that this urge must be allowed to be fulfilled. (A pig that is not allowed to root can become painfully depressed.) But a pig can be trained not to root indoors and to only root in a designated area, such as in the garden, in a field, or in the park.

Pigs certainly need to root, but they are intelligent and can be trained to only root in appropriate areas.

When trained properly, pigs can make great emotional support pets.

Myth 3: A Cute ESA Piglet Will Grow Into a Giant, Drooling Hog

Most of us have seen photos of giant, hairy, drooling hogs with tusks and punk-rock hairstyles. And most of us, understandably, do not want to share a living space with such large creatures.

But the idea that cute little piglets are all destined to grow up to be huge, lumbering hogs is well and truly a myth.

There are many different species of pig. Some grow to be large and are best suited for living in the wild, whereas others, such as pot-bellied pigs, stay relatively small (about the size of an average dog) and are perfectly suited to living with humans as emotional support pigs.

Myth 4: Pigs Are Dirty Animals

Perhaps one of the most widely believed myths about pigs is the idea that they are dirty animals.

Nothing could be farther from the truth! Pigs are proud and highly intelligent animals and are, in fact, meticulous in keeping themselves clean. They are easily house-trained and enjoy grooming themselves and being groomed.

Myth 5: Pigs Do Not Enjoy Human Company

Due to their tendency to be kept as livestock on farms, it is often assumed that pigs do not enjoy human company.

This is another big myth. Pigs are highly intelligent and extremely social. Pigs love to socialize with one another, with other pets such as dogs and cats, and also with humans.

With such high levels of intelligence and sociability, it is possible for an ESA pig to strike up a strong, lifelong bond with the humans it comes into regular contact with. Pigs love playing in the park, as well as going on trips and hanging out in the house with their owners.

ESA pigs can make wonderful companions.

Myth 6: ESA Pigs Are Lazy and Just Want to Lie Around All Day

Pigs have a reputation for being lazy and disinclined towards physical activity. This unfair reputation for slovenliness probably comes from the fact that they can often be seen lounging in the sun on hot summer days.

But the idea that pigs are only interested in lying around is a total myth. The truth is that pigs are very energetic emotional support pets and love to get lots of physical exercise. In fact, it is essential that they are provided with ample exercise opportunity every day.

Pigs love playing in the park, digging, rooting, running, and even doing obstacle courses. They can also be taken for walks on a lead, happily and contentedly, just like a dog.

Myth 7: Pigs Are Fussy Eaters

Many people believe that feeding a pig is a complicated undertaking that only a professional can perform. This notion comes from the fact that, in the modern world, pigs are most often kept on farms by professional pig farmers.

But this is a myth. Pigs are not picky eaters and will eat whatever is put in front of them!

To make sure your pig stays trim and healthy, don’t allow it to eat too much. Give it regular meals of pig feed pellets along with some leftover vegetables and a little bit of fruit as a treat from time to time.