MooshMe - ESA pug

If you were to rank everyone’s internet searches, you can bet that ‘insanely cute animals’ would be very close to being the most searched term online. We don’t know what it is about humans that makes us drawn to cute cuddly creatures, but we do know that our fascination with them isn’t going to end anytime soon.

While some super cute animals exist solely for us to coo and fawn over, others play a vitally important role in the lives of their owners. Emotional support animals provide love and companionship that help ease their human’s emotional ailments – all the while being absolutely adorable. Insanely cute ESAs come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of our favorites.


When you think of an emotional support animal, most likely you’re thinking of a cute, cuddly puppy. The reason why dogs make such excellent ESAs is because their sole purpose in life is to love and be loved in return – what could be cuter than that? Any emotional support dog owner will tell you that the human-animal bond created with a pup is second to none. They’re always there waiting for you when you return home, tail wagging, eyes beaming and ready to offer you all the love and companionship you’ll ever need.


MooshMe - ESA cat

Cool fact about ESA cats: they help prisoners cope with their living conditions and keep them in an upbeat mood, which can be vital in their rehabilitation process.

Although some people overlook cats as an emotional support animal in favor of their canine counterpart, cats can actually be just as caring and loving as a dog. An adorable emotional support cat would love nothing more than to curl up on an owner’s lap to get some all-important chin rubs from their favorite person. Not only do cats provide oodles of love and support for their owners, but did you know their purrs have also been proven to reduce levels of anxiety and pain in their owners? As well as this, cats are effortlessly independent, so they don’t need as much care as other emotional support animals.


Have you ever seen a hamster scrunch up its teeny face and shake its whiskers? Let me tell you, it’s insanely cute. Hamsters make great emotional support animals, especially for children. As they are small, they can be easily cared for in a small living space, and they can also be picked up and carried around – should you need a little skin to skin comforting. If hamsters are a little bit too dainty for your liking, you could get a guinea pig instead. What these guys lack in tininess they more than make up for in cuteness.

Micro Pigs

A super cute emotional support animal for those with a little bit more space is a micro pig. These adorable creatures are becoming more and more popular as pets, so it’s no wonder their loving and caring nature makes them great emotional support animals, too. Micro pigs take a little bit more to care for than other ESAs, so it’s prudent that you have the time and space to look after one properly. A great way to make your micro pig even cuter is to knit them a teeny tiny pig sweater to keep them warm.


Daniel the emotional support duck made headlines last year when he took a plane ride from Charlotte to Asheville with his doting owner. Known officially as ‘Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt’, he’s an adorable 4 1/2 -year-old Indian Runner duck who comes complete with ducky diaper and slippers. Daniel’s owner found his companionship to be of the upmost importance to her emotional well-being, so thanks to the Air Carrier Access Act, she was allowed to have him fly with her. Daniel is an excellent testament to how ducks can be amazing – and adorable – ESAs.


MooshMe - ESA bunny

ESA rabbits are low-maintenance, furry friends who can even be toilet-trained!

What’s cuter that a big-eared fluffy friend bouncing around your home? Just as much as dogs and cats, rabbits create a loving, caring bond with their owners from the first day they’re brought home. Rabbits are naturally clean animals and can be kept in a relatively small space in your home, making them pretty easy to care for, regardless of where you live. Just make sure you let your fluffy bunny out for a hop around your home a few times a day. Not only will this give them a bit of exercise, but it will also allow you to take some super cute shots of your ESA to share online.

Miniature Horses

For any of you hippophiles out there, you’ll know that horses can make brilliant, loving companions. While most horses are not practical to be emotional support animals due to their sheer size, miniature horses can be suitable for emotional support animal certification. Miniature horses are super cute and surprisingly affectionate. They are loyal to a fault and love their owners unconditionally. Like micro-pigs, miniature horses are best kept by those who have significant amounts of time and space to care for them.


You may not necessarily agree with us on this one, but believe it or not, snakes can be insanely cute emotional support animals. While we’re not here to tell you that every snake is hands-down more adorable than a little fluffy puppy, we will attest that snakes have their own kind of cuteness – a kind that is more of an acquired taste. Plenty of snakes receive ESA certification each year, as they provide their owners with a sense of calm. Most snake breeds for sale in America are safe for holding, and they love nothing more than curling up with their owner after a hard day’s work.

Insanely cute emotional support animals aren’t just restricted to any one breed. All animals have their adorable side, and this is made all the more adorable by the amazing ameliorative effects they have on their owners. Thanks to their ESAs, millions of people around the world are able to live full and fulfilling lives. For that, we salute each and every super cute emotional support animal.