Moosh - Dalmatian

Dogs are the world’s most popular emotional support animal species. This is no surprise, because ESA dogs make wonderfully loyal and uplifting best friends.

But not all dog species have similar temperaments. While all species tend to be similarly friendly and loving, some species are docile and lazy, while other species are energetic, intrepid, and playful.

For example – if you want a playful ESA dog, you should probably steer clear of a lazy greyhound, and instead explore the possibility of getting a fizzy, grinning corgi or a peppy, bombastic border collie!

Here are the 8 most playful ESA dogs.


The Corgi originated in Wales and was first bred as a cattle-herding dog. Corgis are quite diminutive, reaching only 10–12 inches in height. But they have a ton of power and energy in their short, stubby legs, allowing them to bound about joyfully like cute little canine Duracell bunnies. Corgis are very uptempo animals. They adore running about and having adventures. Loyal and playful, Corgis make excellent emotional support dogs.

Border Collie

The Border Collie is another British Isles herding dog. Originally bred in the borderlands between England and Scotland, Border Collies have loyal, loving, hardy personalities. Border Collies are working dogs, and as such have bundles of energy. Their long coats protect them from harsh northern European winter weather, and their natural fitness levels and athleticism are high. A Border Collie ESA will need to be taken for long walks every day. Their energetic and playful nature make them excellent ESA dogs.

Moosh - Border Collie

If you want an emotional support dog with a lot of energy, a Border Collie is the perfect choice!


The Dalmatian is one of Hollywood’s favorite dogs. This is because of its unique spotted coat and its gregarious, playful personality. Another European breed, Dalmatians originated in the Dalmatian region of Croatia. Dalmatians are physically powerful and robust animals. They reach a height of approximately 60 cm. They were originally bred as carriage dogs that ran alongside carriages to protect them from bandits and wild animals. Much like a Border Collie, a Dalmatian will require copious exercise. But they will repay the effort with much loyalty, love, and playful affection.

Jack Russell

Bred in England as hunting dogs, Jack Russells are powerful little grenades of energy! Playfulness is in their bones, and their naturally high energy levels mean they can bound around all day long. Jack Russells are small dogs. At an average height of 10–15 inches, they are only a little taller than corgis. They live a relatively long time, often up to 16 years. This is why we see a lot of Jack Russells with distinguished (yet playful) little grey beards – and also why they make great ESA dogs.


Boxers are big, muscular dogs. When fully grown, they stand around an impressive 25 inches in height and tend to weigh about 65 lbs. They have tight-fitting, smooth coats that accentuate their athletic physiques. With all of this impressive stature and brawn, it is a good thing that Boxers have loyal, loving, cheerful personalities. The ideal emotional support dogs, Boxers are highly intelligent and enjoy nothing more than playing with their human owners. An ESA Boxer will need a lot of exercise and walking. If you are looking for a loyal, loving and playful ESA dog, a boxer is a great option!



Poodles originated in Germany and France in the heart of Europe. There are three main types: the Standard Poodle, the Miniature Poodle, and the Toy Poodle. These astute dogs have a very playful approach to life. Poodles like to dress up, often having their coats cut into wild, weird, and wonderful designs that mirror their playful mindset. An ESA poodle will make a fashionable, flamboyant, and loyal friend that will always lift your mood with its playfulness and sense of adventure!

Moosh- Poodle

All types of poodles make great ESA dogs.


Labradors were first bred in Newfoundland as retriever gun dogs. Their job was to assist on hunts by finding prey that their owner had shot. Due to their gentle, kind, and playful temperament, they have, for a long time, been one of the most popular emotional support dog species in the world. Labradors are mature and even-tempered animals, but they also love to play. They are energetic and vivacious and very much enjoy human company. An ESA labrador will enjoy nothing more than playing with other dogs or its human owner for hours on end.


Beagles are short in stature and their long, floppy ears and big, cheeky eyes make them irresistibly cute. Beagles were first bred as hunting dogs, predominately hunting rabbits and hares in Britain with their extra-powerful sense of smell. Beagles are even-tempered, cheerful, and intelligent, making them very loyal, loving, and playful ESA dogs!