Moosh - emotional support hamster

While there is no such thing as the perfect emotional support animal, hamsters sure are a great choice! These pint-sized pets are inexpensive, independent, and super loving bundles of joy, perfect for easing the symptoms of any ailment. Still not convinced? You soon will be! Here are our eight reasons why you should get an emotional support hamster.

They’re cheap to buy

Hamsters are a great pet choice for the budget conscious ESA owner. Unless you’re opting for a seriously swanky breed, you’re not going to end up spending more than $20 acquiring your new furry friend. In fact, most pet stores will have a large variety of hamster breeds for sale, starting as low as $8. If you’re lucky, you could end up at your local pet store just after an adorable new litter of hamsters pups arrive. In this case, pet stores often give the babies away for free.

They’re cheap to house and feed

While dog and cat houses can cost a seriously pretty penny, housing an emotional support hamster is really cheap. Hamster homes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but the one thing most of them have in common is price – small price, that is! A plastic hamster habitat with enough room for your little friend to explore and play in is all you need. Though you can get fancier homes, these aren’t at all necessary to keep your emotional support hamster happy and healthy.

Likewise, unlike cat and dog food, feeding your hamster is seriously cheap. You could happily feed your emotional support hamster for less than $8 a month if you shop around. All your hamster needs is a big bag of hamster mix that contains protein, seeds, and grain. This will provide them with all their nutritional requirements.

Moosh - hamster in cage

An emotional support hamster is one of the cutest and most low-maintenance support animals around!

They don’t take up much room

Hamsters make perfect emotional support animals for people living in small homes because they take up such a tiny amount of space. Even the biggest, most palatial hamster home couldn’t possibly take up more than a small corner of a room. Dubbed “pocket pets”, the tiny size of these adorable ESAs makes them perfectly portable, meaning you can carry them around wherever you go. If you do choose to bring your pint-sized pal around with you, make sure they’re completely secure at all times. Hamsters are Harry Houdinis when it comes to escapology and can writhe and wriggle their way out of even the most secure spaces. Save yourself the heartache of searching for your little buddy by ensuring they’re completely secure all the time.

They’re easy to care for

Hamsters are a very low-maintenance ESA. They exercise themselves, groom themselves, and are totally happy in their own company if you’re away for the day. Though they’re independent animals who are happy to be left alone, they’re equally happy to hang out with their favorite human.

They’re perfect for kids

Thanks to their size and the fact that they’re so easy to care for, hamsters make the ideal emotional support animals for children both young and old. These pocket pals are perfect for your young ones to carry with them and cuddle whenever they may need it throughout the day. Hamsters are rarely aggressive and have the perfect temperament for being handled by children – there’ll be no cat-like scratches or bites from these little guys!

Moosh - hamster with carrot

How could you resist that face?!

They’re a calming presence

Hamsters have calm, chill personalities, making them great emotional support animals. This laidback attitude is infectious! For this reason, a hamster can make a particularly good ESA for people with anxiety disorders. If you’re not quite catching on to the chill mood of your emotional support hamster just by hanging out with them, pick them up and have a cuddle. These super calm dudes will curl up and fall asleep in your lap, the feeling of which is seriously soothing.

They’re absolutely adorable

I’m sure this goes without saying, but hamsters are so frickin’ cute. These tiny balls of fur are bound to keep you smiling with their squished little faces, their adorable nose wriggles, and their constant smiles. Hamsters always seem to be beaming with a happiness that is seriously infectious. If you’re ever feeling down, just pop your emotional support hamster on the living room floor and watch him prance and bounce around in the cutest way imaginable – bad mood cured!

They qualify for emotional support animal certification

And last, but by certainly no means least, these tiny fluffballs DO qualify for emotional support animal certification. Though most people would associate an ESA letter with a bigger pet, hamsters are absolutely suitable for the ESA letter program too. In fact, hamsters are in some ways the easiest type of emotional support animal to have, as even those landlords or service providers who might be skeptical of an ESA letter – and unfortunately there are some – would find it tough to take issue with accommodating something as teeny and unimposing as a hamster.

If you’ve got one of these pint-sized pets in your life and want them to be your bona fide emotional support animal, get in touch with us today and we’ll sort them out with their very own ESA letter.