About Moosh

Moosh believes in the power of pets to comfort all of us. And when it comes to a person with an emotional disability, we know a pet can be a godsend for every member of the family … especially a properly certified emotional support animal.

Here at Moosh, we have dedicated our lives to helping people learn about the benefits of an emotional support animal (ESA) and securing an ESA letter certifying an animal is necessary to its owner’s well-being.

State-licensed Mental Health Professionals

Moosh has state-licensed mental health professionals who are licensed in every state. We are compliant with HIPAA, which sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. And we provide understanding and caring customer service to anyone who qualifies to join the world of emotional support animals with a certified ESA letter.

Get Your Letter Quickly

Securing your certified emotional support animal letter is fast and easy with Moosh. Once you qualify, our registered mental health professional will send your ESA letter to you right away. Before you can say, “Here, boy!” you’ll have your official stamp of approval for you and your emotional service animal.

It’s as easy as that! Let’s start changing your life with an emotional support animal certified letter.