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If you have an emotional support dog, there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch and watching a movie together. Emotional support animals don’t usually become engrossed in movies, but there is one surefire way to ensure your ESA dog stays focused: Pick movies in which hounds take leading roles. In this article, we have handpicked five movies most likely to keep you and your emotional support dog entertained. It’s hard to find the balance between movies that are entertaining for ESA dogs and children and movies that are entertaining for adults, but we reckon we’ve managed! Without further ado, here are the five best movies to watch with your emotional support dog.

101 Dalmatians

An adaptation of The Hundred and One Dalmatians, a 1956 novel written by Dodie Smit, this is a true classic underdog tale (excuse the pun). The film tells the story of a rather large litter of Dalmatian puppies that are kidnapped by the wicked Cruella de Vil, who is unable to see the pups as anything other than fur for her coats. Parents Pongo and Perdita set out to rescue their children from Cruella and are met with great resistance, but they doggedly persist.

Originally released to theaters Jan. 25, 1961, 101 Dalmatians was a box office hit. There have been many subsequent releases; however, we recommend sticking with the original. The more recent releases lose some of the magic. This one is sure to warm to warm the cockles the hearts of both you and your emotional support dog.


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Scooby-Doo will leave your emotional support dog in a tail-wagging frenzy.

Scooby-Doo is a 2002 American live-action mystery comedy film based on the animated television series of the same name. The plot revolves around two guys, two gals, and the eponymous talking dog, Scooby-Doo. After separating for two years, the group reunites despite differences to investigate a mystery on the popular horror resort Spooky Island.

Apparently, the visiting tourists have been cursed into a brainwashed state by ancient demons that once ruled the island and who now plot their revenge. As the gang attempts to solve the mystery, they run into much mayhem. The way in which the quirky characters — especially Scooby and Shaggy — deal with it makes for many laughs. It’s a silly, feel-good movie that is likely to take you back to your childhood and have your emotional support dog in a tail-wagging frenzy.

Marley & Me

Marley & Me is a 2008 American comedy-drama film based on the memoir of the same title by John Grogan about Marley, a rambunctious but lovable Labrador. A story about a family, the film stays quite close to the original, true story, and this makes it particularly convincing. This rollercoaster ride of emotions feels raw and palpable, so the powerful moral — love prevails all — really stays with you.

Lady and the Tramp

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Lady and the Tramp is perfect for the romantic ESA dog.

When the highbred Lady, a Cocker Spaniel with a collar and a license, has her life turned upside down by a new baby in the household, she finds herself on the streets with a dog from the wrong side of the kennel: the Tramp. Lively adventures ensue, and they share one of the most memorable kisses in film history. I think we all know this movie, but if your emotional support animal hasn’t seen it (or even if it has), it’s going to love it. This is especially good for the romantic ESA dog — or the mutt that needs to be shown dreams really can come true.

The Adventures of Milo and Otis

The Adventures of Milo and Otis is a 1986 Japanese adventure comedy-drama film about two animals: Milo (a cat) and Otis (a pug). The film opens in 1986 on Nippon Farm with a mother cat named Moth Ari who has given birth to kittens. One of the kittens is named Milo and has a habit of being too curious and getting himself into trouble. He finds a pug-nosed puppy named Otis, and they soon become friends. When Milo is playing inside a box floating in the river, he accidentally drifts downstream. Otis runs after Milo. Milo goes on many adventures, escaping one incident after another. Otis, for his part, follows Milo throughout, usually only an hour behind and less than a mile out of range.

And there you have it, our top five best movies to watch with your emotional support dog! If you are searching for anything emotional support animal-related, this is the place to be. If you have any questions that are unanswered by this article, they are sure to be answered on one of the many illuminating articles to be found here at MooshMe, so keep learning and exploring the world of emotional support animals.