Moosh - ESA cat
December 11, 2018
Do I Qualify For An Emotional Support Animal? 5 Reasons You Might

Getting an emotional support animal or registering your current pet as an ESA may be something that you’ve already given some thought to. Perhaps you dismissed the idea, thinking that it’s not for you or maybe because you don’t know if you would actually qualify for an ESA. There are many benefits of having an Read More

esa training
December 8, 2018
Training Essentials For Well-Socialized ESA Dogs

Though any dog owner knows that their pooch needs to be trained, proper socialization is absolutely essential for emotional support dogs. Therapy dogs should be comforting, friendly, and dependable, but they should also be well-behaved so that ESA owners can bring their support dog with them in public.   While tricks are fun to teach Read More

apply for an esa letter online
December 7, 2018
Skip the Pedigree: 3 Reasons Mixed-Breed Dogs Make Great ESAs, Too

We all love pedigree dog breeds. Who doesn’t want to cuddle with a goofy golden retriever, or howl at the moon with a husky? From Pomeranians and pugs to bloodhounds and Bernese mountain dogs, purebreds impress.   However, while pedigree dogs make excellent show animals, working dogs, and companions, the world of therapy animals is Read More

Moosh - woman and dog on beach
December 6, 2018
7 Ways Your ESA Can Help Improve Your Health

You’ve probably heard about the many benefits of having an emotional support animal. An ESA can encourage you to be more social, get more exercise, and provide a loving presence in your household. The best ESA animals can even provide you with a reduction in your mental illness symptoms. But there’s one more thing that Read More

Moosh - guinea pig
November 30, 2018
Which Small Pets Make The Best Emotional Support Animals?

If you’re thinking about getting an emotional support animal, you may be under the illusion that dogs are the only pet that would qualify. It’s true that dogs are very popular and often do make the best emotional support animals, but in fact there are many different types of ESAs. An ESA can provide you Read More

Moosh - Dog Leaning out of Window
November 25, 2018
The Importance of ESAs: Why They Aren’t Just a Fad

Emotional support animals, or ESAs for short, have been taking the country by force in the last three years or so. Despite this, many people who still don’t know what exactly they do, much less if they’re entitled to one or not. ESAs are designed to support the treatment of patients suffering from a wide Read More

Moosh - Happy Dog
November 20, 2018
10 Ways to Optimize Your ESA Dog’s Happiness and Wellbeing

Your ESA dog provides you with copious joy, happiness, and wellbeing, doing an invaluable job of calming you in times of stress and generally keeping you emotionally balanced. So it is crucial that you return the favor by ensuring your emotional support dog is as emotionally comfortable and happy as possible. Here are 10 ways to Read More

Moosh - dogs on bed
November 15, 2018
Check Out These Hotels for the Best Amenities for Your ESA

Your emotional support animal definitely deserves some pampering, right? They work hard to help you with your symptoms, make you feel safe, and give you plenty of love and affection. Shouldn’t you be returning the favor with a little extra attention? If you want to give your ESA a treat, consider checking out some of Read More

Moosh - Sleeping Dog
November 10, 2018
10 Ways to Improve Your Emotional Support Dog’s Sleep

Sleep is crucial for health and happiness. This applies to humans and animals alike. Your emotional support dog requires good sleep in order to function well, have energy, and feel good. There are many things you can do to ensure that your ESA dog gets the best quality shut-eye it possibly can. Here are 10 Read More

Moosh - ginger cat
November 5, 2018
4 Benefits of Choosing a Cat as Your Emotional Support Animal

If you suffer from an emotional or a psychological disability – such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or autism – then you may have already decided that owning an emotional support animal is going to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Medication for such disorders is an option, of course, but finding the right Read More