Moosh - Dog Lying Down
June 16, 2018
Should Emotional Support Dogs and Service Dogs Have the Same Rights?

When it comes to service dogs and emotional support dogs, people may very well conflate the two, but in fact, they are entirely separate animals with two very different functions. Emotional support dogs are actually a specific subset of emotional support animals (known as ESAs for short) – a progressive form of treatment for those Read More

Moosh - kitten in bed
June 11, 2018
3 Emotional Support Animals That Are Ideal For Sleeping In Your Bed (And 2 That Are Not!)

You can divide humanity into two distinct groups. One group enjoys sleeping in a bed with another person. They enjoy the feeling of reassuring closeness. The second group prefers sleeping alone. They find sharing the bed to be overbearing and overwhelming; they get too warm and fidgety, and prefer to have their own space, revelling in Read More

Moosh - leopard gecko
June 6, 2018
5 Exotic Creatures That Make Excellent Emotional Support Animals

Owning and caring for an emotional support animal is a wonderful and increasingly popular way to improve mental health. Americans with all sorts of psychological issues are turning to emotional support animals to improve their quality of life. The company of an ESA can very effectively soothe psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, phobias, and Read More

Moosh - Yorkshire terrier with jacket
May 30, 2018
Why Dressing Up Your ESA can be Fun for Both of You

Emotional support animals (ESA) serve a number of purposes, but their main aim is to assist people to manage the symptoms of emotional or psychological conditions. ESAs have been proven to help people who suffer from debilitating conditions to live happier, more productive lives, and they have a real place in treating conditions that are Read More

May 25, 2018
7 Ways An ESA Can Massively Improve Your Life!

Emotional support animals are becoming very popular in the USA. More and more people are cottoning on to the remarkable benefits that ESA ownership can bring. Folks with a wide range of different psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD, are acquiring a best friend that keeps them company and improves their quality of Read More

Moosh - dog with hand
May 20, 2018
The 10 Best ESA Dog Breeds to Help with Anxiety

Living with anxiety can be challenging. But there are things you can do to alleviate or at least minimize some of your anxiety symptoms. One of the best ways is to get an emotional support animal (ESA). You can register your ESA dog through a simple online process, and then you’ll have a companion to Read More

Moosh - woman with anxiety
May 15, 2018
Can an Emotional Support Animal Help Panic Attacks?

Emotional support animals, or ESAs, have many uses and are utilized by many people to help them live the best lives possible alongside their emotional or psychological conditions. While people may be unsure as to how they work, emotional support animals are proven to soothe some of the symptoms of conditions that can really limit Read More

Moosh - woman at airport
May 10, 2018
How to Make Sure You’re Considerate of Other Passengers When Flying with an ESA

For many people, flying with an ESA (emotional support animal) is the only thing that allows them to travel with any sense of security. Emotional support animals are important tools in helping people with emotional conditions live a full and happy life without being hampered by their illnesses, but people who own an ESA must Read More

Moosh - Dog on Couch
May 5, 2018
The 5 Best Ways To Occupy Your Emotional Support Dog While You’re Away

Dogs are amazing pets to have around, but they sometimes take some serious looking after. Everything from toilet-training to walking takes effort and time with dogs, but we do it all because we love them and want them by our side. Some dogs provide more comfort than others, however; these canines are known as an Read More

Moosh - Delta Airplane
April 28, 2018
Why Have Some Airlines Brought In New Rules About Emotional Support Animals?

Pets in airplane cabins are certainly a phenomenon you don’t see every day. Usually they’re relegated to the hold, under heavy sedatives, and when they do make an appearance with the human passengers, they’re usually small, lap-sized pets that don’t take up too much space. You can also be sure that the animal’s owner has Read More