Moosh - Dalmatian
October 31, 2018
8 Most Playful ESA Dogs

Dogs are the world’s most popular emotional support animal species. This is no surprise, because ESA dogs make wonderfully loyal and uplifting best friends. But not all dog species have similar temperaments. While all species tend to be similarly friendly and loving, some species are docile and lazy, while other species are energetic, intrepid, and Read More

Moosh - poodle
October 26, 2018
What Are the Most ESA-Friendly Cities in America?

Thinking about moving? You should make sure you’re headed to one of the more ESA-friendly cities before you pack up. There are many reasons a city can be ideal for owning an emotional support animal (or just a dog in general), including good weather, lots of dog parks, and accommodating businesses. Read on for a Read More

Moosh - Anxious Dog
October 21, 2018
9 Ways to Cure Your Emotional Support Dog’s Anxiety

Many people who own an emotional support dog do so because they suffer from some form of anxiety. But it is not only humans who suffer from anxiety conditions. Animals also have distinct personalities and suffer from psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety. When a dog is living in a stressful situation, is not Read More

Moosh - owner petting dog
October 16, 2018
Could Adopting an ESA Actually Make Your Antidepressants Work Better?

Treatment-resistant depression (TRD) can be challenging to treat. Individuals have usually tried everything from multiple medications to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) to get relief from their symptoms of depression. But what if there was a simpler way to feel better? A recent study has shown that adopting a pet can actually reduce depression symptoms and improve Read More

October 11, 2018
8 Psychological Conditions that are Improved by ESA Ownership

Emotional support animal ownership has many life-changing benefits. People who suffer from various mental health problems can be helped greatly by the loving presence of an ESA dog, pig, rat, or cat. Certain conditions are especially amenable to being improved by emotional support pet ownership. For example, the company of a friendly and happy pet Read More

MooshMe - plane
October 6, 2018
Things to Know: How Each Airline Carrier Deals with ESAs

If you’re planning on traveling with your emotional support animal, it’s imperative that you know the regulations you’ll need to follow for a stress-free trip. Recently, airline carriers have become more accommodating when dealing with ESAs. However, many of the restrictions and rules from each airline vary from one another, so it can be difficult Read More

Moosh - Best Friends
September 30, 2018
8 Life-Changing Benefits of Owning an Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support animal ownership is on the rise. More people own ESAs in 2018 than at any other time in history, and it’s no mystery why. There are so many advantages to having an emotional support animal in your life. The benefits of ESA ownership in the United States are myriad, ranging from companionship, to Read More

Moosh - cat and owner
September 25, 2018
Where Should You Get Your Emotional Support Cat From?

If you’ve decided it could be beneficial for you to have an emotional support animal (ESA) in your life, you might need some help brainstorming where to find the perfect pet. If your lifestyle doesn’t fit well with owning a dog (they can require lots of attention and exercise), you might want to consider getting Read More
September 20, 2018
Flying Long Distance with Your Emotional Support Animal: Things to Keep in Mind

Have a big trip coming up? If you’re planning on bringing your emotional support animal (ESA) with you on a long flight, there are some important things you should think through before you embark on your journey. It can be overwhelming to travel, especially if you suffer from mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Read More

September 15, 2018
6 Super-Chilled ESA Species

Many people who require an emotional support animal suffer from anxiety, stress, PTSD, insomnia, or a phobia of some type. For these typically tense people, the type of support offered by a calm and chilled-out emotional support animal species is ideal because the animal’s relaxed and stable demeanor can act as a ballast against the Read More