MooshMe - turtle
February 22, 2017
7 Miniature Emotional Support Animal Options That Can Fit in Your Handbag

If you live in a small apartment that doesn’t have outdoor space for a dog, cat or a different large emotional support animal, fear not! You still have options. There are many cute little critters lolling about in pet shop cages, petting farms and animal shelters just waiting to be picked up, stroked and loved Read More

MooshMe - ESA hedgehog
February 21, 2017
7 Unusual But Great Emotional Support Animal Options

Anybody can have a dog or a cat. That’s boring! Wouldn’t you prefer to turn heads while you’re walking down the street with something a bit more special? Some rare emotional support animal that only the truly interesting and innovative mavericks of the ESA world would ever think to own? Here is our list of Read More

MooshMe - brain
February 21, 2017
What Happens in Your Brain When You Spend Time With Your ESA Animal

All emotional support animal owners know that spending time with their support pet makes them feel great in their mind and body. The feel-good rush of playing with your ESA animal is one of the most intense joys that life has to offer. It seems clear that there is something hardwired in us that causes Read More

MooshMe - doctor
February 20, 2017
Why Emotional Support Animals Are the New Trend in Therapy

Sometimes in the treatment of physical, psychiatric and intellectual disabilities, medical professionals can only do so much for patients. Prescribing a slew of medications, dictating dietary changes or providing physical rehabilitation may not be enough to resolve certain issues. In instances of chronic or permanent illnesses and diseases, medical professionals may turn to unconventional methods Read More

MooshMe - CarrieFisher
February 20, 2017
You’ll Never Guess Which Famous People Have Emotional Support Animals

We all know that people can get extremely close to their pets. This is especially true of celebrities who love to take their dogs with them when they travel, their fluffy friends always peeking out of their Gucci handbags as they stride through the arrivals terminal. But for many famous people, emotional support animals are Read More

MooshMe - rules
February 19, 2017
ESA Registration: What You Need to Know

Emotional support animals play very important roles in the lives of people who are suffering from mental health issues. The United States government recognizes the importance of emotional pets and has introduced laws and ESA registration rules that protect the rights of people and their support pets. ESAs provide therapeutic support to people who have Read More

MoosheMe - dog
February 19, 2017
What Is a Companion Dog Certification, and How Do I Get It?

If you suffer from a debilitating mental or emotional affliction, registering your furry friend for a companion dog certification is a positive way to live a better life. If you don’t already have a dog, the option of welcoming one into your home is becoming more popular as people see the benefits of their comfort, Read More

MooshMe - ESA parrot
February 18, 2017
3 Unusual ESA Animals That Have Made the Headlines

Although an ESA dog might be the norm for an emotional support animal, it’s not always the animal of choice for everyone. Some of the ESA animals that people choose to have as their travel companions have been known to raise a few eyebrows. Sometimes people and their peculiar pets even make it into the Read More

MooshMe - ESA cat
February 18, 2017
How to Acclimatize Your Emotional Support Animal to Your Life

Welcoming your new emotional support animal into your life is the most special and important time in your relationship. It’s during this period that you get to know each other, spend quality time together and most importantly, establish the bond that will prove immeasurably beneficial to your life. In these first few weeks, it’s vital Read More

MooshMe - Plane
February 17, 2017
A Guide to Flying with Your Emotional Support Dog

Just because dogs are man’s best friend, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily treated accordingly in the eyes of an airline. Due to the range of varying laws and regulations put into place by each individual airline, along with general state and country laws, traveling with an emotional support dog isn’t always as easy as you’d expect. Read More