Moosh - Dog's Face
December 22, 2017
What Should I Be Feeding My Emotional Support Dog?

Looking after your pet correctly is of primary concern amongst animal owners. We are completely responsible for our pets’ wellbeing; they put their trust in us (not consciously of course) to take care of them, and we are obligated to return that trust by making sure they are fed well and have a warm roof Read More

Moosh - dog in bath
December 20, 2017
Emotional Support Animal Grooming 101

Like humans, emotional support animals need a good ‘ol scrub and clip every now and again. Unlike humans, most of the time they don’t do a good enough job on themselves to avoid having that dreaded pet smell stinking up your home and furniture. And we thought getting an emotional support animal letter was the Read More

Moosh - Cat Food Bowl
December 18, 2017
What Should I Be Feeding My Emotional Support Cat?

When it comes to food, cats are much more fussy than dogs. Dogs will generally eat anything they can get their paws on, but cats often turn their noses up at certain food, and are decidedly more picky than their canine counterparts. Any committed cat owner will know, however, that cats can be far more Read More

Moosh - Tabby Cat
December 16, 2017
The Best Emotional Support Animal to Live with in an Apartment Building

Deciding to share your home with a pet comes with certain sacrifices. In the long run, they’re small concessions to make in the face of the lovable life companion you get in return. But in the initial stages, it’s undoubtedly a little awkward to adjust to having a new family member living with you. This Read More

Moosh - emotional support rat
December 15, 2017
Emotional Support Rats: Not As Scary As They Seem!

Though some may squeal at the thought of sharing their home with an emotional support rat, they actually make excellent candidates for ESA letter certification. This is for many reasons, mainly for the fact that they’re empathic, affectionate, intelligent and surprisingly super clean! Still not convinced? Check out our reasons why emotional support rats can Read More

Moosh - Cute ESA Puppy and Owner in Grass
December 14, 2017
How To Apply For An Emotional Support Animal Letter (Video)

Do you want to know how to apply for an emotional support letter? Here’s an informative video that talks you through taking the first steps towards processing your ESA letter application.     Applying for your emotional support animal letter is as easy as taking your dog for a walk… Just head over to a Read More

Moosh - cat on desk
December 12, 2017
Bringing Your ESA To Work: What Are Your Rights?

Emotional support animals are often misunderstood creatures. Erroneously thought to be the preserve of people who are too precious to travel anywhere without their pets, the truth is that emotional support animals, or ESAs, offer essential comfort and support to help their owners in managing emotional or psychological conditions. Whether you feel you’d benefit from Read More

Moosh - Kitten in Basket
December 10, 2017
3 Emotional Support Animals That Are Perfect For People Living In Virginia

Emotional support animals (or ESAs for short) are becoming popular up and down the country. This progressive new form of therapy for mental health disorders is backed up by solid research and anecdotal evidence, which demonstrates that having an animal companion to provide comfort and reassurance can help ease the most vicious symptoms of widespread Read More

Moosh - Dog Being Hugged
December 8, 2017
What’s the Best ESA for a Child with Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a prevalent condition among American children, and one the health system only recently got its head around. Currently, 1 in 68 children in the U.S. suffer from autism, a number that has grown steadily since cases started being tracked in 2000. However, researchers believe that the reason autism seems to be Read More

Moosh - Two Dogs
December 6, 2017
Big or Small Breed: Which Makes the Best ESA Dog?

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. They’re the most popular pet on the planet, and rightly so; they’re loyal, friendly, largely good with kids, and very humorous to be around. Sure, they can get messy, wreck your furniture, chew up your shoes, or destroy your garden, but despite these shortcomings, we love them all Read More