Moosh - Cute ESA puppy happy

Emotional support animals are used as a form of therapy for people who suffer from a wide range of different emotional, psychological and minor physical conditions.

Officially registering your pet as an ESA provides you with extra rights in terms of both housing and travel.

The Air Carrier Access Act is a civil rights law which ensures that people who suffer from some form of disability aren’t discriminated against whilst flying.

So, if you’re in possession of a genuine ESA letter and you’ve registered your pet then you have a lawful right to be allowed access to your form of therapy whilst in transit.

Patients who are usually too scared or anxious to fly will be able to travel on a plane with their ESA alongside them, offering reassuring comfort and support

If you’d like to see if you qualify for an ESA letter, or to learn more about the laws surrounding ESA ownership, head over to our faq page!