fly with your pet

Qualifying for an emotional support animal (ESA) involves having a condition that needs support. Most people have emotional conditions whose symptoms are usually alleviated by an ESA. Therefore, it is important to know those conditions that are treated using an ESA. Here are the conditions.


Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders that many people have nowadays. This era has social media, which makes people fear not achieving what they have seen on their friend’s pages. Therefore, people are crippled by fear and tension to make it that they end up being scared about not living their full potential.

This dissatisfaction usually causes difficulty in controlling thoughts and physical states. Therapists recommend an ESA for anyone who is suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder. The animal gives a sense of purpose, whereby instead of being worried about the future, the sufferer will play with the animal or take it for a walk.

If you have an anxiety disorder yet you travel a lot and you would like to fly with your pet, it is crucial to apply for an ESA letter online. Fill all the information required and ensure that you have a recommendation letter from a therapist to confirm that you truly have the condition to get the certification.

Panic Attacks

This is a type of anxiety disorder that causes panic attacks, which are false feelings of terror. Sufferers are usually terrified when there is really no danger that they may lose control. A fast heartbeat is experienced during a heartbeat. This condition is qualified to be treated using an ESA. One of the benefits of certification is that you get to fly with your pet to any place.


Depression is also another clinical diagnosed mental disorder that is helped by an ESA. People who are depressed usually feel pain, frustrated, and things seem irreparably broken. Winning feels like a thing for other people, but them, and it feels like they are flawed and less than everyone.

Mental disorder professionals attest that an ESA has the potential of alleviating the pain felt by a depressed person. Search for the best pets for depression, and choose the one that you love. Pet therapy for depression has proved to be effective for years.

The support and love that an ESA provides are enough to help a depressed person take the first steps towards healing. Follow the right steps that will help you get an ESA letter to help you fly with your pet wherever you go.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Many people go through tough situations in life, and after the situation, they experience PTSD. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder affects 7.7 million U.S. adults or 3.5% of the population. This is a big number, and that is why recommending an ESA for a sufferer is vital as it helps keep the stress off their minds. It is critical to fly with your pet for support when you travel.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Not everyone is good at socializing with people. Some people have social anxiety disorder, whereby they feel overwhelmed and wish they were in solitude. This makes them feel pain and uncomfortable around people.

Going with a pet to a social gathering makes a sufferer feel like they are around someone who makes them comfortable. Overcoming social anxiety disorder is possible if your pet accompanies you to any social place. If you feel overwhelmed, touch the pet for some minutes, as this will help you relax.


Different types of phobias exist, and thus if you are aware of what you are afraid of, you are one step to healing. A pet will enormously help you when you are scared. If you have aerophobia, carry your ESA to the plane. The certification allows you to travel with the pet. Look at your pet whenever your fear rises, you will relax and arrive at your destination in peace.

Using emotional support animals for mental conditions is effective. This guide provides the top conditions that are tremendously helped by emotional support animals. Do not forget to apply for an ESA letter to fly with your pet.