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Have you ever seen a face sweeter than that of a beagle? Those big brown eyes and floppy ears make these whip-smart dogs attractive to many people. They happen to make really good family pets, too. But is a beagle a good ESA dog? And if so, what’s the process to obtain an ESA beagle letter? Read on to find out!

All About Beagles

Beagles were bred to be hunting dogs. They’re intrepid explorers with a desire to sniff out every corner and chase after every squirrel their little legs can carry them after. They love to have fun, but because of that, can get a bit carried away by their noses and not always come back when called.

That’s why there are a few important things to know if you have a beagle. First, you need a fenced yard for your beagle to run around in off of a leash, but not escape from. They shouldn’t be left outside without supervision – you might find them digging large holes or howling at the moon and annoying your neighbors. These small dogs can be quite mischievous simply because they’re so curious about the world around them.

Second, beagles need exercise. If you’ve ever wondered why you see many pleasantly plump beagles out and about, it’s because they often don’t get the exercise from their owners that they need.  And because beagles have a reputation for being chowhounds, they will get into your trash or steal that steak off your plate if they can reach it. Those little garbage disposals need to work off all that extra food!

Moosh - Beagle ESA
Is a beagle a good ESA dog? We’ve got the answer!

Beagles are a low-maintenance dog when it comes to grooming. They have short coats and don’t shed very much, so you won’t mistake a furball in the corner for your beagle ESA!

Finally, beagles are a bit stubborn. This means that if you bring a beagle into your home, you’ll have to be persistent as well as consistent when it comes to training. Of course, food is always a great motivator – as long as you help them to work it off later.

If you’re still wondering “is a beagle a good ESA dog?”, then the answer is yes. Any dog can be a good ESA dog if their temperament fits in with your needs and your lifestyle.

What Makes a Good ESA Dog?

An ESA dog is all about presence. Are they calm when you need it? Does their energy help to center you and keep you grounded in the moment? These are important factors to think about when it comes to finding the right ESA dog for you.

The cornerstone of any great ESA dog is going to be a dog that you find loving and supportive, but they also must be able to be trained to behave appropriately in public, especially if you plan on traveling with them on airplanes or taking them to hotels.

While an ESA dog is not the same as a service dog, they still are expected not to bark or bite, and must be housetrained as well.

How a Beagle ESA Can Help

As an emotional support dog, a beagle ESA can help those who struggle with anxiety and depression. That’s because they’re loyal – you know they’re not going to leave your side. They’re also compassionate and loving, able to provide a little extra support when you need it most. They’ll give you all the love and affection you need to get you through times of mental or emotional stress.

You might now be wondering, “How can I get an emotional support beagle?” Well, read on – we’ve got the answer!

How to Get a Beagle ESA Letter

If you’re ready to take the next step but find yourself thinking, “How do I get my ESA beagle letter?”, it’s actually not as difficult as you may think. You simply need to go to your doctor or other treating medical professional, such as a psychiatrist, and ask them to write a letter for you that states how an ESA can help alleviate the symptoms of your emotional or mental disability. This letter must include:

  • The medical professional’s license number and contact information
  • The medical professional’s official letterhead
  • The date

Your beagle ESA letter is good for one year. Having one entitles you to certain privileges when you travel, and allows you to have your ESA dog with you at all times in your housing.

Moosh - ESA beagle
If a beagle is the right animal for you, don’t hesitate in seeking out a beagle ESA letter!

Already Own a Beagle?

Can your beagle become an ESA dog? Yes! If they’re trained well and fulfill what you need from an ESA, then you can certainly make them your ESA dog.

Choosing the right ESA dog for you isn’t a small thing. It takes a lot of research to know which dog can help to support you in the right way, so make sure to do your research – you might even discover that a beagle ESA is the perfect choice for you!