Moosh - ESA Pomeranian

There are so many benefits to having a dog, as any seasoned dog owner will tell you. But for people who struggle with mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and more, owning a dog is about more than having a companion. In fact, for many people, their dog is vital to their ability to function in their daily lives. These emotional support animals are more than furry friends – they’re more like therapists in fluffy little bodies.

Pomeranians are intelligent and perky little dogs that make the perfect companion for millions of people around the globe. But is a Pomeranian a good ESA dog? Read on to find out!

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

All animals offer connection to their humans, but an emotional support dog is an animal with legal status that has been prescribed by a mental health professional as part of the treatment plan for their patient. A doctor or therapist, for example, can write an ESA dog letter that enables the owner to have their dog registered as an ESA.

An emotional support animal has legal rights when it comes to travel and housing. ESAs are allowed to accompany their owners on airplanes due to the Air Carrier Access Act, and they can also live in housing with their owners thanks to the Fair Housing Act.

Moosh - Pomeranian
Emotional support animals (such as a Pomeranian ESA) can be of great benefit to those with mental health conditions.

The Qualities of a Good ESA

Everyone loves their dog, but not all dogs are well suited to the ESA life. Remember, this is a dog that can travel with you. They can go on airplanes and even live with you in housing even if your landlord doesn’t allow pets. Because of this special status, they need to possess a few innate qualities, such as:

  • Good manners – Your dog shouldn’t jump up on people, bark at strangers, or pull on the leash. They must be well socialized and also get along with other dogs.
  • Social Skills – All kinds of things can be around you when you go out in public, especially to busy places such as airports or hotels. If your dog is startled by large crowds, loud sounds, or unexpected noises, they may not be the best choice for an ESA.
  • Well trained – Of course, your dog must be properly trained in order to be a good ESA.

ESAs are not service dogs because they’re not specifically trained to be one. That means they don’t have the same rights to do things such as go into shopping malls or restaurants. It’s an important distinction that you must be aware of as an ESA owner, because the rights of your emotional support animal are not the same as a service dog’s.

All About Pomeranians

So, is a Pomeranian a good ESA dog? Yes, it is! With their diminutive size and loving nature, Pomeranians possess the qualities that make wonderful ESAs. As a breed, there are a few important things to know about Pomeranians before you dive headfirst into getting one of these adorable fluffballs as a companion and ESA.

Pomeranians are active dogs that need a lot of exercise. If you don’t exercise them regularly, they are prone to obesity. You should expect to take them on daily walks and to play with them as well. The good news is that their exercise needs are part of what makes them such good ESAs: they get you up and out of your house to move and be more social – and that’s good for everyone.

A Pomeranian ESA is easy to train, too. As highly intelligent dogs, they respond well to consistent and proper training. Plus, they tend to love people and going places with their owners, and the more you do that, the better behaved in public they will be.

How Do I Get My ESA Dog Letter?

If you’re now wondering, “How can I get an emotional support animal?”, then read on – getting an ESA dog letter isn’t as difficult as you may fear! All you need to do is ask the psychiatrist or other licensed mental health professional currently treating you for a Pomeranian ESA letter on their letterhead with their signature that includes:

  • Their license type, license number, state that it’s issued in, and date of license
  • A confirmation that an ESA is essential to functioning in your daily life
  • A description of how the animal can help you to deal with your condition
  • The recommendation of an ESA
  • Your name and the details of your pet, including the type of pet, breed, name, and so on
Moosh - Pomeranian ESA
Is a Pomeranian a good ESA dog? The short answer is yes!

Can Your Pomeranian Be an ESA?

If you already have a Pomeranian and want to make them your ESA, it is possible. As long as your Pom is trained to behave well in public, isn’t a danger to others, and is adequately trained, then the sky is their ESA limit!

An ESA performs a vital role in the life of a person struggling with mental health issues or disabilities. They can truly turn your life around and make each day a little brighter, so talk to your health care provider about getting a Pomeranian ESA letter today.