shelter dog esa

Life is challenging and it sometimes leads to frustrations and depression. But, you can seek professional help to curb the situation. However, it might not be enough and you might require an emotional partner. In that case, consider adopting a shelter dog ESA.

The process of adoption shouldn’t be complex but you have to follow every step to ensure you stay in line with the law and at the same time choose the best and certified emotional support animal.

Here is what you need to know.

You Need To Get Certification of the ESA

You are probably wondering why you need a certification yet you see other dog owners without them. But, note this, there is a difference between emotional support animal and a pet. For example, there are some hotels you can’t go in with a pet, but they can’t stop you if the dog is an ESA.

Getting a certificate is not difficult. Apply for an ESA letter online. First, a medical professional will ask you questions about your anxiety and overall psychological health. The answers you give will help the doctor determine whether you qualify for the certification. If you qualify, you will receive the ESA certification letter within a few days.

Adopting an ESA

Adopting a shelter dog ESA is better than buying because you create space for a new dog that needs shelter. Every year millions of pets require shelter where they have to be housed until someone adopts them.

Clearly, the shelter option also gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of dogs.

On the other hand, if you own a dog, you can apply for it to be an ESA. Contact a qualified doctor who will consequently write an ESA letter stating that the dog is vital for your mental wellbeing.

Housing the Emotional Support Animal

As it was mentioned earlier, a pet is not allowed everywhere and sometimes you can’t own one in some rented houses. But, a shelter dog ESA is allowed in those places. There is a law to protect both the dog and you. However, if it causes any damage, you’ll have to pay for it. So, take your time and train the dog.

ESA training gives you the chance to influence the dog’s social life as well as teaching it to obey your commands. So, if you experience excessive barking from your dog, try and train it to avoid been evicted from every house you rent.

Treat the dog correctly and let it have its bed. Besides, 45% of dogs sleep on their beds. It makes the dog feel accepted and loved, and it won’t cause trouble for you.

Traveling with Emotional Support Animal

As long as you bring with you the ESA letter, you will be allowed to fly with your pet. But, airlines expect your dog to be calm and well-behaved in public. You must, therefore, take steps that ensure a good time flying with your ESA.

Don’t feed the dog several hours before a flight. Also, take it through a long run or walk. After a good run, your dog will be exhausted and chances are that it will sleep through the entire flight. Remember to carry motion sickness meds prescribed by a qualified vet.

A shelter dog ESA can provide you with emotional support as much as you need but you have to love it too. A dog from the shelter has experienced a rough time before it was housed, so, it will be like healing together. The bottom line, care for the dog as much as you care for yourself.