ESAs enrich your life

If you’re thinking of applying for emotional support animal registration, and are trying to figure out whether or not to go ahead, there are plenty of positive reasons to do so. Ask any owner of emotional support animals and they’ll be able to tell you about the myriad of benefits these amazing animals offer. From reducing stress, to enjoying better health and meeting new people, ESAs can enrich your life to an incredible degree. Here’s how they can do that.

Emotional support animals offer unconditional love and loyalty and can teach us how to live and find joy in the simple things without worrying and stressing about life. For people who have depression, PTSD, high blood pressure or struggle any other affliction, introducing an ESA into your life could be the answer. For many people with psychological and health issues caring for an animal companion works by taking the focus off themselves and onto keeping another living being alive. 

emotional support animals cat

Cats can be a fantastic emotional support animals for the housebound.

Let’s look at three of the main ways that ESAs can enrich your life:

Health Benefits of Emotional Support Animals

An ESA dog is the obvious choice to give you the best health benefits as it isn’t housebound like a cat, goldfish, hamster or even snake (you’d be surprised at some of the ESAs people have that bring them comfort!). Having a dog as an emotional support animal means you can take it for walks, throw a frisbee, go for a run on a dog friendly beach, it gives you lots of options to get healthy.

If your ESA is housebound, it can still lower blood pressure and stress levels, strengthen your immune system, help with allergies and more. It’s the interaction with your pet that causes your brain to release oxytocin (dubbed ‘the cuddle hormone’) and serotonin (a mood enhancer). Even gazing at a goldfish swimming around in its bowl can be a stress reliever if you don’t feel ready to take on an ESA dog.

Interestingly though, ESA dogs can even be trained to detect health problems such as cancer, food allergies and diabetes in people, so having one with this ability could not only enrich your life but save it too!

There has also been lots of research done on pets providing help to people who need physical therapy. If you’re recovering from an accident then an ESA dog will encourage mobility as you’ll need to walk it, buy food for it, take care of it at home by brushing and washing etc. It’s a win-win situation for both of you.

Psychological Benefits of ESA Animals

Not only can an emotional support animal enrich your life by providing health benefits it can also increase your mental wellbeing. Pets are often prescribed for people with depression and severe anxiety, even those with low self-esteem can benefit from an ESA.

Simply by being a trusted companion they can help someone who is lonely or, more commonly these days, they are aiding people with more distressing disorders such as unmanageable anxiety.

Emotional support animals dog

Emotional support animals such as dogs can serve as great excuses to get outdoors.

Situations that may not bother the majority of people, such as flying or going to the grocery store, can be incredibly difficult for someone who has a phobia or high anxiety levels. ESA can provide a helping hand by calming you down and providing a focus, all you need to do is play with and pet your ESA animal and you’ll feel instantly more calm and content.

Social Benefits of Emotional Support Animals

There is a tendency for people who have applied for emotional support animal registration to hide away from the outside world. After all if you have an affliction that you’re dealing with like PTSD or emotional insecurity, the last thing you want to do is be around other people. Your ESA can help with building confidence and make you feel comfortable and safe around other people.

This is especially true of ESA dogs because the pair of you will be able to visit a local dog park and dogs are natural icebreakers. They have no qualms about wanting to meet other dogs and it will follow that you’ll meet other dog owners who will want to make light chit chat about your pet. If it’s a cute puppy even more so! This type of social interaction is great for people who aren’t that confident in meeting people and it’s an easy way to help you feel connected with the outside world.

Besides, seeing your BFF sniffing, running, nosing around and generally enjoying themselves, can’t help but make you feel happier, and happiness attracts others.

But what if your ESA is a cat, a parrot or even a miniature horse?

With current laws surrounding emotional support animals you don’t have to feel restricted to keeping your pet at home. When you register an emotional support animal you’re protected under United States federal law and your ESA can go into many public spaces that pets generally aren’t allowed in. There have been cases of a man who carries a parrot around in a cage as a backpack, and a woman who travels with a miniature horse to help with a visual impairment, apparently these horses have exceptional vision.

So, if you’re dealing with any health, psychological or social issues, hopefully this will encourage you to go through with the process of getting an emotional support animal letter, you’ll be amazed at how your life will change for the better!