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Many college students suffer from anxiety. The pressure to handle a large workload, to submit multiple assignments on time, to read mountains of textbooks and papers, to stay focused on complicated subjects… The life of a college student is far from easy. One great way to cope and make sure you reach your academic potential is to get an emotional support animal. Below we’ll take a look at how emotional support animals help college anxiety.

ESAs And College Students

When you think about it, emotional support animals and college students are a match made in heaven. More and more students are getting an emotional support pet because ESAs provide invaluable support at a time when they need all the help they can get. Many college students feel nervous and lonely because they are away from home for the very first time. Add a large workload and intense exam pressure to the mix, and it’s no wonder that so many college students are enrolling the help of an emotional support pet.

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Image by on zavalnia on Pixabay: ESAs help college students to feel calm.

What Is Pressure Anxiety?

Pressure anxiety is a type of anxiety caused by the stress and strain of having to shoulder a large workload over an extended period of time. A person suffers from pressure anxiety when they feel that they have to constantly do their work to a very high standard and that if they fall in any way short of perfection… they will be doomed!

Students are especially prone to feeling pressure anxiety because the workload at college is often much larger than anything they have experienced before. The pressure to perform “perfectly” and to impress others can put a huge strain on college students. Luckily, ESAs help college pressure anxiety a lot by providing comforting, calming companionship.

Anxiety Is A Qualifying Condition For An ESA

Anxiety is a qualifying psychological condition for an emotional support animal. Mental health professionals have long realized that emotional support animals help college anxiety by alleviating symptoms. If you are a student, it is easy to get an ESA letter for anxiety.

Which ESAs Help College Students Best?

If you are a student suffering from anxiety and would like to get an emotional support pet, it is important that you choose the right type of ESA. The best type of ESA for anxiety is a social animal that will give you the comforting companionship that you need. An emotional support dog or cat is generally a great choice for people who suffer from anxiety.

It is also important that you take your living situation into account. Do you have a small apartment? Do you live with a family? Are you staying in college dorms? Most typical student accommodation is not suitable for a large ESA, and so most students will need an ESA that is small enough to live comfortably in a relatively small home. Think carefully about what type of ESA your accommodation will suit.

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Image by Congerdesign on Pixabay: ESAs help college pressure anxiety.

If you’re a student who’s struggling, you will benefit in many ways by getting yourself an ESA. Let’s take a look at six specific ways emotional support animals help college anxiety.

1. An ESA Provides Companionship

ESAs help college students by alleviating loneliness. Loneliness always intensifies anxiety, so having a loving ESA to keep you company will ease your anxiety symptoms.

2. An ESA Provides Tactile Connection

Touch is a basic need for humans and many animals. Luckily, ESAs and college students can provide each other with mutually beneficial cuddles! Anxiety is greatly reduced by the feel and warmth of the skin or fur of a friendly ESA. Petting an ESA dog or emotional support rabbit is very effective at keeping anxiety at bay.

3. Caring For An ESA Helps You To Be Less Internally Focused

ESAs help college pressure anxiety by bringing your attention away from yourself and your workload and out into the big, beautiful world. Caring for your ESA will necessitate that you venture out of your study cave and give your attention to your emotional pet, and this will greatly reduce your levels of anxiety.

4. Owning An ESA Forces You To Get Plenty Of Outdoor Exercise

ESAs help college students by giving them no choice but to get outdoors into the fresh air. An emotional support dog will need to be walked every day. Getting outside and doing some exercise is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety.

5. An ESA Provides No-Strings Affection (Whatever Your Grades!)

A lot of college students’ anxiety comes from their dire need to impress others (and themselves) with their grades. ESAs help college pressure anxiety by giving love and affection no matter how you are performing in your college work.

6. Being Outside With Your ESA Makes It Easier To Meet Fellow Students

A pet is one of the best conversation starters there is. People love to talk about animals. The more friends your ESA helps you to meet, the more support you will have in college and the less anxiety you will feel.

There is no doubt that the life of a college student can be stressful. But with the companionship of an emotional support animal, excessive anxiety can be kept at bay and the experience of working your way through college can become happier and more rewarding.

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