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Why Do I Need an Emotional Support Animal Letter?

You have a pet that makes your mental disability less challenging. You’d like to keep them with you as much as possible. An emotional support animal is a great way to help with many conditions. That’s why obtaining an Emotional Support Animal Certification is so important.

What is an Emotional Support Animal Letter?

An ESA letter is a document that says you have been certified by a licensed mental health professional to qualify for an emotional support animal. The letter gives you the right to take your animal with you almost anywhere you need support.

Anyone who has an animal supporting them is likely to be eligible for a certified emotional support animal letter. Moosh has an easy process for determining if you are qualified. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes and you will receive delivery of your ESA letter immediately by email.

What are the benefits of Emotional Support Pet Certification?

Certified emotional support animals are protected by two federal laws: The Fair Housing Act and the Air Carrier Access Act. These laws ensure you are not discriminated against because of your animal and set forth requirements for landlords, airlines, and business owners.
The benefits of having an ESA letter include:

  • Not having to pay a pet deposit when you rent
  • If your pet can fit on your lap or under the seat in front of you, not having to pay additional airline fees
  • Small pets are usually allowed to fly in your lap instead of in their carriers
  • Stores can allow your support animal to accompany you at all times if you carry your ESA letter with you (although this is up to the discretion of the store owner)

Today, most establishments are aware of the benefits an emotional support animal provides – and your right to have one. Establishments can ask for your letter, but they can never ask you about your disability. So be sure to have your original Moosh ESA letter with you when you are out with your support animal.

A properly registered emotional support animal lets everyone know that the animal with you provides a valuable and needed service.

Why Get an ESA Letter From Moosh?

By getting an ESA letter from Moosh, you’ll know that a registered, state-licensed mental health professional has said you qualify to have an emotional support animal. No matter what state you reside in, Moosh has a licensed professional who can work with you. As soon as this professional makes the determination, he or she will immediately send you a certified letter for your emotional support animal. You’ll be able to start taking your pet with you wherever you go sooner and with more confidence.

How do I qualify for an emotional support animal?

Seeing if you qualify takes only minutes. Our licensed mental health professional will ask you a series of simple questions, then he or she will have your letter prepared and sent to you via email and certified mail. You never have to worry about sharing information with us. We comply with all HIPAA requirements and will keep your information entirely confidential.

Let’s get your emotional support pet certification on its way to you today!

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is an animal that, by its very presence, mitigates the emotional or psychological symptoms associated with a handler’s condition or disorder. The animal does NOT need to be trained to perform a disability-specific task. Service animals are task trained to actually do something which mitigates the person’s disability. Their defined function is not to provide emotional support (affection on demand or a security blanket) but to do something the handler cannot do for themselves which allows that handler to overcome or ameliorate an inability to perform major life activities. A person with a disability has a right to be accompanied by a trained service dog which is assisting them in most public accommodations (places of business). A person with an impairment or a disability does not have a right to be accompanied by an emotional support animal unless individual state laws specifically grant this right, in which case it applies only in that state.

You will only be allowed to take your animal where it is allowed. An emotional support animal is different from a service animal. An Emotional Support Animal certification is one that will protect your rights to have the animal with you in housing situations for your primary home and in the cabin of an airline when you are flying. The emotional support animal certification does not give you permission to take your animal into places where they do not allow them in public like restaurants, hotels or coffee shops and other businesses.

There are three particular acts to be familiar with that help govern and protect you and your Emotional Support Animal.

Americans with Disabilities Act: The Americans with Disabilities Act addresses Service Animals, which is different from Emotional Support Animals.
Fair Housing Act: Your Emotional Support Animal is protected under the Fair Housing Act, which prevents you and your pet from being discriminated against.
Air Carrier Access Act: With an emotional support animal you and your pet are protected from discrimination by a commercial airline. This act allows your Emotional Support Animal in the cabin of the aircraft with you at no cost, even if the airline normally does not allow for an animal.

You will need a letter from a licensed mental health professional that will outline your need for the pet. In order to qualify your pet, you will need to complete a quick consultation here. The consultation should only take 5 minutes. Once our licensed mental health professional reviews it you will receive an approval if you qualify.

A licensed mental health professional can help outline the need you have for an emotional support animal. In order for your pet to qualify, you need a letter certifying it. We help provide you with this certification if you qualify based on your need. The process of applying is simple in an effort to avoid you from going through unnecessary hassles.

If you suffer from mental and/or emotional disabilities a pet may often be your source of emotional support as a companion. If this is the situation you find yourself in, certify your pet as a provider of emotional support to you as an Emotional Support Animal.

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