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Many American citizens with mental health problems rely heavily on the support provided to them by their trusty emotional support animal. An ESA can massively increase a person’s enjoyment of life, reduce the symptoms of their mental health issues, and even save their life.

One of the best ways to avail of the support of an ESA is to adopt one. Through adoption, you can find the ideal emotional support pet. There are thousands and thousands of pets available for adoption in the United States.

Adopting allows you to give a home to a vulnerable animal that may have had a difficult start in life and that may have nobody to care for it.

Everything You Need To Know About How to Adopt an Emotional Support Animal

Adopting an animal is easy. There are many agencies that specialise in giving animals temporary homes while they find a permanent owner to take them in. For people who want to get an emotional support pet, adopting is a great option.

Emotional support animals are helping Americans with mental health problems all over the country to live happier and healthier lives. Every year more and more Americans are choosing to live with an emotional support animal. And happily, adoption has become one of the most popular means of getting an ESA.

A loyal and loving emotional support pet provides a reassuring, soothing presence and also supplies support, company, and love to people who suffer from mental health problems such as depression PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, phobias, and acute stress. When you decide to adopt an emotional support pet, it’s best to make it official.

If you’ve been considering getting an emotional support animal, why not consider adopting from a shelter?


Advantages to Making your ESA Official

There are some crucial advantages to having a pet designated as an emotional support animal. Pets that are not official ESAs cannot live in homes that the landlord has designated “No Pets Allowed” homes. However, if a pet is an ESA, this rule does not apply.

The other main advantage to your pet being an ESA is that it can travel along with you in the main cabin of a passenger airline.

These two advantages are lifesavers for people who suffer from mental health problems such as anxiety and phobias and who live in rented accommodation, or who own an apartment in a larger apartment complex.

To make your pet an official emotional support animal, you will need to get a letter of recommendation from a medical professional stating that you have a mental health issue and that an ESA would improve your condition.

This can be done most easily and efficiently online using telemedicine.

How To Apply For an ESA Online

Using telemedicine to adopt an officially designated emotional support pet is easy. You simply book an online consultation with a telemedicine medical professional. This medical professional will interview you online, using video conferencing technology.

Once they have verified that you need an ESA, they will write you a letter of recommendation and send it out to you. Once you have your letter of recommendation, all you need to do is choose which animal to adopt as your new ESA.

A great way to find an animal to adopt is to visit your local animal rescue shelter. Here is a comprehensive database of animal shelters and rescues for pet adoption.

There are so many benefits for both you and your chosen emotional support pet if you adopt.


Benefits Of Adopting an ESA

There are numerous benefits to adopting an ESA.

Adopted animals tend to be a little older, so they are often calmer and more mature. Adopted pets have often been trained either in their previous home or in an animal shelter. Adopting an animal frees up space in animal shelters for new animals who have found themselves homeless.

The biggest benefit is that you are giving an animal in need a proper home, and the love, care, and attention that it needs.

Type Of ESA You Can Adopt

You can adopt any type of pet to be your emotional support animal. The most popular species of ESA are undoubtedly dogs and cats, although pot-bellied pigs, rats, rabbits, and hamsters are also very popular emotional support animals.

Adopting The Right Animal

It is important that you choose the right animal to be your ESA. It is best to pick an animal that has a temperament that suits your own. It is also crucial to pick an animal that can provide the type of company that you need. For example, if you are depressed, it is good to choose an animal with a naturally cheerful and positive demeanour.

It is also crucial to take into account where the animal will be living. If you live in a small apartment, you should not get an animal that needs a lot of space. Also, consider the climate in your part of the world and adopt an animal that will feel comfortable in those conditions.

Adopting an ESA is a wonderful thing to do. Adopting can be extremely win/win for you and the animal!