mixed breed esa

Mixed breed ESA (emotional support animals) often make the best companions. If you are considering adopting an ESA learning how to adopt an emotional support dog is your first step.

Like any adoption, adopting an ESA dog is a process that starts with filing an ESA application. You can apply for an ESA letter online which makes the process easier.

The Basics of Emotional Support Animals

If you struggle with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, an emotional support animal can help you to find some relief. Emotional support animals for treating depression have shown to be a very effective complementary treatment option.

Mixed breed ESA dogs are readily available and waiting for a home with someone that needs their help! These dogs are great companions and provide love and friendship that help people to better manage in life.

ESA dogs do not require any specific training. Any loving dog that needs a home can be classified as an ESA dog if you have the proper certification. Emotional support animals are not classified, it is the owners that are.

Why Adopt An ESA Dog?

It can be very hard to find housing when you have a pet. If you can find housing that accepts pets, you may have to pay a one-time pet deposit of anywhere from 40-85% of the rent. If you have your ESA letter, landlords cannot deny your pet or charge you a deposit for your pet.

Even “no pet” apartments have to accept your ESA. They cannot charge you additional rent either. The laws are clear when it comes to supporting animals and their rights!

Mixed breed ESA dogs cannot be denied access to shopping centers, airplanes or any other place people gather. Certified emotional support animals are welcome everywhere you are.

Getting Started

Finding the perfect companion starts with getting that ESA dog letter. Once you have your letter then you can move on to taking the steps to adopt your new support animal. Typically like any other dog adoption, you will:

  • View dogs that are up for adoption
  • Fill out an application and pay a small fee
  • Take your pup home!

Adopting a dog is a relatively simple process and the process is just as simple for adopting a mixed breed ESA. In less than a week you can have your support animal certification and your new pup at home with you helping you to navigate life easier!

Learn more about how you can get your ESA dog letter right online!