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How to get a legitimate ESA dog: it’s something that more people than ever are now wondering. Emotional support animals are especially relevant in 2021 as COVID lockdowns continue and a large number of people are suffering from mental health problems brought on by pandemic anxiety, lockdown loneliness, and financial stress.

An emotional support dog can go a long way to alleviating mental health problems by providing companionship and love, and by giving a person something outside of themselves to be responsible for. An ESA dog is proven to reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, insomnia, and certain types of OCD.

But while getting an emotional support dog is a straightforward process, it is very important to make sure you do it correctly. The many benefits of having an ESA dog will improve your life a lot, so it is crucial that you register your ESA in the proper way.

Today we will answer some important questions about legitimate emotional support animal registration, such as… What is a legitimate ESA dog? What is a legitimate ESA letter? How can I legally register an emotional support dog? How much does it cost to make your dog an ESA?

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Image by Seaq68 on Pixabay: A legitimate ESA dog will provide invaluable companionship and support.

What Is A Legitimate ESA Dog?

A legitimate emotional support dog is a dog that is officially recognized as being an ESA under the law. A legitimate ESA dog is recognized legally as providing its owner with treatment for a mental health condition. This treatment comes in the form of emotional support that will alleviate the symptoms of a mental health disorder. A legitimate ESA dog can be any type of dog and does not need to have undergone any special training.

What Is A Legitimate ESA letter?

A legitimate ESA letter is a letter written by a licensed mental health practitioner on headed paper that officially designates a specific pet as being an emotional support pet. A legitimate ESA letter will state that the emotional support the pet in question is providing is a form of treatment. The specific details of your mental health condition are private and will not be written on your ESA letter.

How Is An ESA Dog Recognized Under The Law?

ESA dogs are recognized under the Fair Housing Act and the Air Carriers Act. The Fair Housing Act says that an ESA is a form of necessary treatment and therefore must be allowed to live with its owner in a property that would otherwise be designated “No Pets Allowed”. The Air Carriers Act (ACA) states that an ESA dog is allowed to accompany its owner in the cabin of a commercial airplane.

Where Can I Take My Legitimate ESA Dog?

You can take a legitimate ESA dog into a residential property you are living in that would otherwise not allow pets, and into the cabin of a commercial airline. However, you are not entitled to take your legitimate ESA dog into restaurants, bars, and other businesses that do not allow pets.

What Is The Difference Between An ESA Dog And A Service Dog?

A service dog, most commonly used by people who are blind, is entitled under the Americans With Disabilities Act to go into businesses that do not normally allow animals. Service dogs have undergone extensive training that enables them to fulfill their role. Emotional support dogs do not undergo any special training and are not allowed into businesses that don’t allow animals.

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Image by ElvisClooth on Pixabay: It is important that you get a legitimate ESA letter.

How Can I Get A Legitimate ESA Dog

You can get a legitimate emotional support dog if you have a mental health condition that would benefit from ESA treatment. Your suitability for ESA dog ownership must be decided by a licensed doctor or mental health practitioner. If you qualify for a legitimate ESA dog your doctor or mental health practitioner will provide you with an ESA letter.

How Can I Legally Register An Emotional Support Dog?

An official ESA letter is the legal proof you need that will designate your pet an official emotional support pet. You can either get an ESA letter first and then get your emotional support pet, or you can get an ESA letter for an animal you already own that will bestow ESA status on your pet.

How Much Does It Cost To Make My Dog An ESA?

To make your dog an ESA using the Moosh telemedicine clinic costs between $159 and $219.

What Other Types Of Emotional Support Animal Can I Get?

Any type of animal that can legally be kept as a pet can become an ESA. However, airlines and landlords can refuse an animal even if it is an ESA if it is a species that could reasonably be considered to be disruptive. For example, even if your pet leopard (which is legal in a small handful of states!) has an ESA letter, it will almost certainly not be allowed to join you in the cabin of a commercial airplane or to live in your rented apartment.

Besides dogs, the most common types of ESA are:

  • Cats
  • Potbellied pigs
  • Hamsters
  • Domesticated rats
  • Miniature horses

How Can I Get A Proper ESA Letter From A Medical Professional?

The best way to get a legitimate ESA letter from a medical professional is through the Moosh online clinic. On Moosh you will have a telemedicine consultation with an ESA doctor in your state. The doctor will verify your suitability for ESA ownership and then, if you qualify, you will be emailed an ESA letter immediately. It is a quick and easy process that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Featured image by Vizslafotozas on Pixabay