support animals for ptsd sufferers

Emotional support animals (ESA) are used by individuals suffering from mental issues such as post-traumatic disorder (PTSD). These animals do not go through training as service animals. They are just everyday companion animals that provide comfort, well-being, and aid to sufferers. A special type of training is only offered when the animals are needed to give you extra help such as help you access different places.

Emotional support animal therapy that has been used for years. It has proved to be effective in helping sufferers cope with their mental disabilities. Overcoming social anxiety disorder is nowadays treated using emotional support animals, and many people have reported an improvement.

Therefore, it is crucial to know how animals help to alleviate the symptoms of mental distress. Here are the benefits of having an emotional support animal.

They Produce Neurotransmitters

One of the benefits of support animals for PTSD suffers is that they help produce neurotransmitters in humans. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter that produces the feeling of pleasure, is produced by simply looking in a dog’s eyes. This discovery explained why many people smile when they look into their dog’s eyes.

Therefore, PTSD animals help you live a less depressing life and one that is run by love and pleasure. You will stop feeling the pain caused by mental stress, and you will have a renewed sense of purpose.

Good Company

PTSD animals provide good company. You can talk about anything with them, even if they don’t understand, but you will not feel any sense of being judged. People living with PTSD love being alone, but loneliness causes depression. Having support animals for PTSD sufferers is helpful as it alleviates loneliness, and you can play around with the animals if you feel stressed.

Manage Aerophobia

Aerophobia, the fear of flying, is faced by many people, especially PTSD sufferers. The turbulences give these people a traumatic flying experience. Under this circumstance, it is vital to come with your ESA into the plane to help calm the anxiety. However, it is restricted to enter planes with a pet unless you apply for an ESA letter online.

Therefore, instead of being overwhelmed with fear of airplanes, you will be caught on looking at the pet. Going with your pet, even in restricted areas, is one of the benefits of certification.

Support animals for PTSD sufferers have made it possible for even people with depression to travel in peace. Your ESA application should include all the medical credentials, which show that you deserve the letter.

This letter also helps you escape the higher prices charged to allow pets to restricted areas. This is because the letter shows that you have a valid reason to have a pet in that area. Your therapist should write a recommendation for you to increase your chances of qualifying for an ESA letter.

They Provide Unconditional Love

PTSD sufferers find it hard to find unconditional love because their guards are usually up as they have gone through a lot of pain. Thus, they are always protecting themselves. An ESA provides the feeling of connectedness and love, important qualities that sufferers are always looking for in people.

Support animals for PTSD sufferers help people re-engage with the world. Love improves the mental health of people; therefore, it is essential to get PTSD animals if you are going through depression or any other mental issue.

Stabilize Intense Emotions

Anxiety disorders affect over 40 million adult Americans every year. People going through post-traumatic stress disorder are usually disturbed every day before they fully heal. Their emotions are usually unregulated that they can be happy this minute and agitated the next. PTSD animals help stabilize their emotions when they are feeling low, resetting their emotions.

Emotional support animals are important for anyone going through mental disabilities. These animals work in conjunction with other forms of treatment, and thus you should consider getting them. This guide helps you understand the benefits of having support animals for PTSD sufferers.