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ESAs in 2019 are on the increase! Awareness and acceptance of emotional support animals has undoubtedly grown over the past few years. It wasn’t that long ago that service animals were the only recognized form of support for people with a disability. But whereas service animals are always dogs and are trained to perform specific tasks in order to help their owners, ESAs can be any type of animal and require no special training. The job of the emotional support animal is, as the name implies, to emotionally support its owner. This comfort can take many different forms, but simply being present is the main requirement.

There are many different conditions that might qualify you for an ESA, and with the number and type of symptoms ever-increasing, it’s not surprising to learn that there are, and will be, more ESAs in 2019. If you suffer from an emotional or psychological disorder, then the chances are you would qualify for an emotional support animal. Perhaps you’ve tried other forms of therapy that haven’t worked, or perhaps being on medication leaves you with too many debilitating side effects. Maybe now you’re wondering ‘Should I get an ESA?’ Well, 2019 is the year of emotional support animals, so now is the time to look into it!

Moosh - ESA cat
ESAs in 2019 just keep growing in popularity.

Why are emotional support animals so popular?

More and more people are asking ‘Why are emotional support animals so popular?’ and ‘How could an ESA help me?’ If you look around you and keep up with your local and national news, you may well have noticed an increase in ESAs. There are probably several reasons for this.

Firstly, as mentioned above, mental and emotional health issues are becoming more talked about; more out in the open and less of a stigma. This has helped to increase public awareness for and acceptance of emotional support animals. Your average kind and caring American citizen would happily recognize the need for ESAs and understand that they can be a help in genuine cases.

Then you have the celebrity endorsements. Clearly there are quite a few famous people who seem to want to use their pet as some sort of “celebrity statement”, but there are those who genuinely need their pet by their side as they have a fear of traveling, a fear of crowds or simply because, despite their celebrity status, they are grappling with a mental or emotional condition. These people would genuinely have qualified for their ESA.

Another reason for their increase in popularity is that more and more physicians are seeing the benefits that owning an emotional support animal has in conjunction with (or instead of) traditional medication or previously “tried and trusted” therapies.

How to get an ESA in 2019

The process of getting an ESA is relatively simple. First of all you must find a pet that will serve as your emotional support animal. You may already have one, but if not, you should give careful consideration to what type of animal would best serve your needs. If you work, could you take your ESA to work with you? If you’re out for long periods without your pet, will it be OK at home without you? Where and when do you most need support? Is it in your own house or when you’re out? Consider these and other questions and you will hopefully come up with the right type of pet for your emotional needs.

Once you have your pet, you need to apply for a legitimate ESA letter, which must be written and signed by a mental health expert in your state who holds a current license. The letter confirms that you suffer from a disorder, the symptoms of which would be reduced by ownership of an ESA. The easiest and quickest way to get your legitimate ESA letter is to apply with us online. We have licensed mental health professionals for every state and will support you every step of the way in your ESA application and journey.

Moosh - legitimate ESA letter
It’s important to make sure you have a genuine ESA letter.

It’s important to point out that with the growing popularity of emotional support animals, there are a few scam artists around who offer fake recommendations and fake ESA letters. Be sure that your application is via a genuine and legitimate channel and that your letter is written by an authorized professional. With a genuine ESA letter, you will be able to take advantage of laws in your favor, such as non-discrimination when applying for rental accommodation; being allowed to have your ESA in certain public places where pets are not normally allowed; and, depending on what type of animal you have, being allowed to have your pet travel in the cabin of an airplane with you.

Due to the increase of emotional support animals, officials are more alert to fake ESA letters, so in order to benefit from the advantages of ESAs in 2019, be sure to apply for (and always have to hand) your genuine ESA letter.

2019 is almost certainly the most popular year for emotional support animals… so far! With a greater awareness of mental health conditions and a more widespread acceptance that animals can, in some cases, help relieve symptoms better than other forms of therapy or medication, there is no doubt that the demand for and acceptance of ESAs will continue to grow.