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Emotional support animals and fireworks are not a good mix. ESAs often have sensitive hearing and the loud and sudden sound of fireworks can cause them physical pain as well as emotional distress. It is crucial that you know how to protect your ESA from fireworks.

Fireworks Over The Holiday Season

During the festive season, many people celebrate with spectacular firework displays. Huddling together and watching the colorful pyrotechnic patterns lash across the night sky can be a beautiful experience that brings people together over the festive season. But while most humans love a firework display, ESAs and fireworks are a different story!

Moosh - ESA cat
Image by Pikabum on Pixabay: Emotional support animals and fireworks do not mix.

Why Are Emotional Support Animals So Frightened By Fireworks?

Emotional support animals tend to be very frightened by fireworks. The sudden bang of a firework can cause your emotional support pet a lot of confusion and stress. All of the most common types of emotional support animals – cats, horses, pigs, rats – will likely be frightened by fireworks. But the most popular ESA of all, the humble dog, tends to be the one that finds fireworks to be the most stressful. Your emotional support dog and fireworks don’t mix, to say the least!

Emotional support animals are stressed and frightened by fireworks for a number of reasons. Animals tend to have much more sensitive hearing than humans do. This is especially true for many emotional support dog breeds. Animals get confused by any onslaught of loud noise. The experience of hearing multiple explosions, booms, and cracks is unprecedented and shocking for an ESA, who will not know what to make of a sudden barrage of loud noises. Your ESA will not understand why it’s happening and feel very threatened. The residual smell of fireworks can also prove to be stressful and confusing for animals with an acute sense of smell. Again, dogs are especially vulnerable in this regard.

It is crucial that you protect your emotional support animal from fireworks, whatever species it is. All ESAs need to be properly looked after and kept calm, so protecting them from festive fireworks is crucial.

How To Safeguard Your ESA From The Stress Of Fireworks

There are several important ways to protect your ESA and keep it calm during festive fireworks.

Firstly, create a soundproof room for your emotional support animal to stay in. This can be done by closing all the windows and pulling heavy curtains to muffle the sound of the fireworks outdoors. It is a good idea to put on the television or play music in this room too, to mask the sudden crack of fireworks from outside.

Secondly, make sure your emotional support pet gets plenty of exercise during the day so it will be as tired and relaxed as possible come evening. This will mean your ESA is more likely to sleep while the fireworks are happening outside. Always try to take your emotional support dog for a long walk on a day that there will be a firework display taking place in the evening.

Thirdly, do not let your emotional support pet outside anywhere near fireworks. Not only will the sound and smell of the fireworks scare them and potentially cause them to run away, it is also physically dangerous for the animal to be in the vicinity of fireworks, as accidents do happen.

Moosh - ESA pug
Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay: Your emotional support dog and fireworks are sadly not a good match.

For any small animals that live in cages outdoors, such as rabbits or hamsters, it is certainly best to take them indoors for the night to protect them from fireworks.

Another way to help your emotional support animal to feel as calm and secure as possible during fireworks is to provide it with a comfortable indoor hiding place, with warm bedding, where it can hide if any sound leaks in from outside and stresses it.

It is often an excellent idea to take your emotional support pet out of a neighborhood in which fireworks will be happening. It would be ideal if you can bring your ESA to stay at a friend or family member’s house far away from the fireworks.

Festive fireworks are fun and should be enjoyed by the whole family. But emotional support animals, with their sensitive senses of hearing and smell, and their lack of understanding about what is going on, will usually find fireworks terrifying and stressful. It is your important responsibility to make sure that your ESA is protected and calm during festive firework displays.

Featured image by Nidan on Pixabay