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“Can I have a miniature horse as my emotional support pet?” More and more people are asking this question as word spreads about just how adorable, smart, and sociable miniature horses tend to be.

The most popular species of emotional support animal, by a long way, are dogs and cats. But people have been branching out. It is now not especially unusual to see a person basking in the emotional support of their friendly, intrepid ESA pot bellied-pig, or intelligent, noble ESA rat.

What you don’t see very often is an emotional support miniature horse. But this may be about to change. Miniature horses are clever, sociable, friendly, and tactile, and they get along very well with humans. They’re generally about the size of a medium-to-large dog. And, due to their intelligence, sociability, and convenient stature, they are already popular service animals.

So, can a miniature horse be an emotional support animal? Is an emotional support miniature horse a good idea? What are the pros and cons of having a miniature horse as your ESA? Let’s find out…

Moosh - miniature horse ESA
Image by webguyron on Pixabay: Miniature horses can make great emotional support pets.

Can Horses Be Emotional Support Animals?

The answer to this much-asked question is a resounding… yes! Miniature horses in particular are intelligent, sociable, and sensitive creatures and make excellent emotional support pets. Miniature horses are already popular service animals, and are recognized as such in the Americans With Disabilities Act. Miniature horses are becoming more and more popular as emotional support animals as well.

Why Are Miniature Horses Becoming More Popular ESAs?

Miniature horses were not very popular ESAs until recently. This had nothing to do with them being unsuitable, and was all about a lack of awareness amongst ESA owners. But with their great personalities, gentle and sociable natures, and manageable size and exercise requirements, they are now becoming more and more popular ESAs.

Pros Of Having An Emotional Support Miniature Horse

They’re Friendly, Social, And Tactile

Most people enjoy the company of an emotional support pet that is friendly, sociable, and enjoys tactile connection. This is why dogs, cats, and pot-bellied pigs are such popular ESA species. ESA miniature horses tick all of these boxes as well. A miniature horse will provide its owner with excellent support and loyal companionship.

They’re Intelligent

Intelligent animals tend to make the best emotional support pets. All of the most popular ESA species are smart. Dogs, cats, potbellied-pigs, and domesticated rats are some of the most intelligent animals in the world. Miniature horses are also in that group. They are intelligent and easy to train to a high level. In fact, they’re so smart that they make great service animals and are recognized under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

A Miniature Horse ESA Will Keep You Fit

Miniature horses need daily outdoor exercise. They will happily go for daily walks and will also need to be taken to green spaces such as a park to run around. Because of their short stature, miniature horses can be prone to putting on weight, so making sure they get the correct amount of exercise is essential. This is a benefit for you, too, because it means that you also get a good amount of outdoor exercise, which is fantastic for physical and mental health.

Moosh - ESA mini horse
Image by marksbunker on Pixabay: Miniature horse ESAs need a lot of exercise.

Cons Of Having An Emotional Support Miniature Horse

They Require A Lot Of Exercise

The fact that miniature horses need a relatively large amount of exercise can be a con for some people. If you do not have the time, energy, willingness, or mobility to get outdoors with your miniature horse every day, it is not an appropriate ESA for you.

They’re Relatively High-Maintenance ESAs

Miniature horses are more high-maintenance than many other species of ESA. Miniature horse ESAs need quite a lot of space, a large time commitment, daily exercise, quite a lot of food, regular vet visits, and a lot of company and attention. If you are not able to commit to looking after your miniature horse and putting in the time and effort required to make its life happy, healthy, and joyful, then it is not a suitable ESA for you.

What Type Of Person Would Suit A Miniature Horse ESA?

The type of person who would suit a miniature horse ESA would:

  • Be able to take their ESA outside to exercise every day
  • Be willing to put in the time to train their intelligent ESA
  • Enjoy spending a lot of time connecting and socializing with their ESA
  • Have a home and garden with a suitably large amount of space

What Living Situation Might Suit A Miniature Horse ESA?

A miniature horse requires quite a specific living situation. They need a home with enough space – usually a large backyard or garden – and they also require nearby open green space where they can play, trot, and gallop.

Where Can You Take A Miniature Horse ESA?

Miniature horse ESAs are allowed to travel on public transport in the majority of regions in the US. Most airlines will accept a miniature horse in the cabin with their owner, provided the horse is well-behaved and clean, and the owner has given sufficient prior notice.

How Can You Get A Miniature Horse ESA Recommendation Letter?

The best way to get a miniature horse ESA letter is to arrange an online consultation with a medical professional through Moosh. Once your suitability has been verified, the medical professional will write you a letter of recommendation and email it to you right away.

Featured image by caracme on Pixabay