esa dog letter

The mental, emotional, and physical health benefits of keeping a pet are undeniable. Unless you or a family member has an allergy to pet dander, keeping a furry friend at home is a proven way to boost your mood. A snuggly cat can keep you company when you’re feeling sad, guard dogs provide an added sense of security, and even taking the pooch for a walk helps individuals burn some extra calories.

However, for people with mental illnesses, pet therapy for depression or other conditions is even more important. Animals can help individuals with overcoming social anxiety disorder, bring a sense of purpose to those with seasonal affective disorder, and even provide support for those with post-traumatic stress disorder.

To enjoy the mental health benefits of a therapy pet, legitimate emotional support animal registration is not always required. However, there are undeniable benefits of certification. Here are just two situations where having an ESA dog letter or other official ESA documentation may be invaluable:

Air Travel

A rather complex network of laws surround air travel with animal companions. In most cases, unregistered support animals have to be crated and kept in the plane’s storage area. With an ESA dog letter, animal companions can fly in the cabin with their owners under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The airline also cannot charge a pet fee for your emotional support animal’s flight.

It is important to remember that each airline likely has its own unique rules and policies. Additionally, when flying to other countries, you and your ESA are still subject to international laws. Be sure to do thorough research before traveling with your therapy cat or dog to ensure you both are comfortable throughout the trip.

Finding Pet-Friendly Housing

The Americans with Disabilities Act also protects you from housing discrimination. If you have an emotional support animal, a landlord may not deny you or your pet access to housing, and they cannot charge a pet fee. Since even the most pet-friendly housing charges a separate pet deposit, with the average pet deposit costing between 40% and 85% of the rent, an ESA dog letter can save patience significant amounts of money. Consider official ESA certification to avoid expensive pet fees or painful separation from your ESA no matter where you live.

Though animals don’t require paperwork to provide mental health patients with therapeutic support, certification has undeniable benefits. To keep your beloved ESA with you wherever you roam, consider registering your ESA today.

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