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When you adopt a rescue dog, you’re saving not just their life, but potentially your own, too. Rescue dogs are becoming more and more sought after as emotional support animals for people with emotional and mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety attacks and phobias.

The thought of saving a rescue dog from being put down appeals on many levels, especially if the dog has been neglected through no fault of its own. That being said, not all rescue dogs make good emotional support animals. They may have behavioral issues and find it difficult to adjust to life in a home environment.

But in most cases, rescue dogs are gentle, affectionate, and grateful to be welcomed into a loving home. Rescue dogs can make great ESA dogs as they are more sensitive to your needs. If anyone can provide the support you require, it would be the sturdy presence of a rescue dog.

But First, Do Your Research

MooshMe - dog

Rescue dogs are becoming more sought after as emotional support animals.

It’s a good idea to do your research before adopting an emotional support therapy dog . Ask animal welfare workers questions, and let them know what you’re looking for in an emotional support therapy dog. The more they know about you and your needs, the better chance you’ll be matched with the right dog.

With a rescue dog who’s been taken into foster care, you can get a good idea of its character and quirks and decide if it’s the right match for your lifestyle. If they act well in a home setting, are energetic, love walks, are leash-trained and enjoy socializing with other dogs, then they could be the ESA dog for you. A lot of the guesswork is removed in a foster care situation, and a right match between ESA owner and rescue dog is more likely to happen.

Find out more emotional support dog information and policies of the organization you’re adopting through, as some may have specific requirements in respect to their rescue dogs. You may need to have a fenced property, or they may need to do a home visit to check up on how your emotional support animal is doing in its new surroundings.

This isn’t to criticize your dog-handling skills. They’re just wanting to make sure that you and your rescue dog are a good fit and that they have a stable and permanent home.

If you’re still not convinced about why rescue dogs make great emotional support animals, here are 10 good reasons why adopting a rescue dog could be the best thing you’ll ever do.

You Can Adopt a Fully Trained ESA Dog

Training emotional support animals isn’t an easy process, but with an adult rescue dog, you’ll be able to choose one that’s house-trained, leash-trained and gets along well with other dogs and people. Of course, you can always decide to adopt a puppy and train them from scratch.

You Know What You’re Getting

With a rescue dog that’s been in a foster home, you can see the dog’s true personality and find out lots details about how it reacts in different situations.

They’ve Had All the Tests

Rescue dogs will have had all their shots and been spayed or neutered, saving you the expense of this. Many have also had behavioral assessments.

Rescue Dogs Cost Less

Adoption fees vary from $50 to $300, but because your ESA dog will have already been vaccinated and fixed, you won’t have to pay for getting it shot or getting it fixed at the vet.

Take Your Pick

MooshMe - dog

Rescue dogs come in all sizes and breeds.

You can choose from a puppy, an adult or senior dog, depending on your lifestyle and how energetic of a breed you want. Rescue dogs come in all sizes and breeds. Some rescue centers focus on specific breeds, too.

Foster to Adopt

If you’re not sure whether the rescue dog you choose will be best for emotional support dog for you, your other pets or children, then you may be able to foster with the goal of adopting.

You Won’t Be Alone

Many rescue organizations continue to provide support for rescue-dog adopters after the dog has left their care. This is very comforting for new ESA owners, as they can answer any questions you may have.

You’re Saving Another Life

For every rescue dog that’s adopted, it means space opens for another animal to take its spot. That’s a good feeling.

Find Your Dream Emotional Support Animals

With rescue dogs, you’re not getting a run-of-the-mill kind of dog you can buy in a pet store but a wonderfully unique animal. They have personality, experience and loads of character. If you have a specific ESA dog in mind, let the organization know, and they’ll put you on a waiting list.

They Will Be Grateful

Emotional support dogs that were rescue dogs know that you’ve given them a second chance at life. They’ll be your best buddy for that, and best friends make awesome emotional support animals.

So, get in contact with your local American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to learn about how to adopt an emotional support dog. Once you’ve chosen your special companion and completed the necessary companion dog certification, then you’ll need an emotional support animal letter, which we can help you with! We will provide you with all of the emotional support dog information you need to get your companion certified as soon as possible.