service animals for depression

Every year, anxiety disorder affects 40 million people in the United States. Among the 40 million, only 36.9% seek treatment. Among the 36.9%, the majority are likely to know the advantage of having certified emotional support animals through their recovery journey because their doctors recommend it. One of the advantages being that your certified pet can go with you anywhere.

In some cases, having an emotional support pet is not enough, and you might require service animals for depression. Service animals are trained to perform specific tasks like reminding you to take medication, call 911 or lead you out of a room when it realizes you’re under pressure.

Moreover, service animals for depression are not restricted from some areas like emotional support animals. Therefore, visit a doctor and find out which pet therapy for depression is ideal for you before adopting any.

If you’re a pet owner and suffering from PTSD, you have to apply for an ESA letter online before travelling or attending a function with it. Having the ESA letter will allow you to sit even in a restaurant alongside your pet. Various situations contribute to depression, but your service animal will always have your back. Let’s look at these situations.

1. During Exams

As much as you prepare for an exam, you end up feeling nervous. The stress of failing an exam can be overwhelming. Carry your ESA pet to school during midterm and end of term exams to help you relax as you wait for the paper.

2. Post Job Companion

Have you ever worked outside your comfort zone? Working as a soldier is a stressful career, especially when working outside your country. For instance, you’re likely to be traumatized if posted to a war zone country,.

With the help of service animals for depression, you can enjoy your life after service. The service animal will be trained to help you overcome the panic attacks and anxiety. If you’re wounded, you’ll be assigned a dog that will remind you to take medication or call the pre-programmed emergency number when you can’t.

3. Stressful Job

When you’re deployed to work in another country, you leave your family behind. In other words, you won’t have emotional support from your family or friends because talking over the phone isn’t enough to relieve your stress. In such cases, you’re allowed to travel with your service animal.

Why can’t you carry your pet? First, a pet is emotionally affected, just like humans. However, a service animal is trained to deal with harsh conditions and help you adjust to it. For instance, if a troop of soldiers is leaving to help curb terrorism in another country, they will be accompanied by service animals for depression.

So, a trained dog will help you with your mission, and after returning home, it will take care of you. How? The service dog has the first-hand experience of what your task entailed. Therefore it will help you readjust when you get home by staving off depression.

4. Post Disaster

When you lose a loved one through a calamity or disaster, you’re vulnerable to PTSD. For instance, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary left children and adults with PTSD. Therapy dogs were deployed in the hospice where these victims were taken to comfort them. Therapy dogs are limited to comforting a large group. So, if you experience a disaster and the few minutes with therapy dog doesn’t help, consider having a service dog for social anxiety.

The dog will help you recover from the trauma you experienced during the disaster period, which often happens in social gatherings. With the help of service animals for depression, you can even visit the area where you witnessed a disaster.

Applying for an ESA letter

When you experience or witness any of the above situations, you qualify for an ESA letter. However, visit a therapist and find out whether a service dog can help you recover from PTSD. If you do, apply for an ESA letter online from the comfort of your couch.