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We all love pedigree dog breeds. Who doesn’t want to cuddle with a goofy golden retriever, or howl at the moon with a husky? From Pomeranians and pugs to bloodhounds and Bernese mountain dogs, purebreds impress.


However, while pedigree dogs make excellent show animals, working dogs, and companions, the world of therapy animals is much less strict when it comes to genealogy. With emotional support animals, breed features like size and markings are far less important than temperament.


If you think you want to apply for an ESA letter online, consider adopting a mixed breed pup. Here are just a few reasons why mixed-breed dogs and mutts make excellent ESAs:


Mutts are Affordable


While pedigree pups are beautiful, that beauty comes at a price. Often, purebred puppies cost between $500 and $1,500 dollars, which is well beyond many individuals’ price range. When you’re looking for an animal to emotionally support you and help combat mental health symptoms, you don’t need an expensive pup. A cute, even-tempered mixed breed from your local shelter or from a friend’s litter will cost less than $100 dollars, and still bring you years of unconditional love.


Mixed-Breed Pups Are More Adaptable


A huge variety of pedigree dogs are bred with specific goals in mind– border collies are bred to herd sheep, and German shepherds are bred to help police. While breeding makes these dogs excellent at their jobs, they tend to be single-minded in that area of expertise. For example, border collies may be great herders, but they are high energy and therefore high maintenance. A mixed breed ESAs may be more adaptable to different circumstances because they have mixed traits from different ancestors. Being highly sociable is what makes a great ESA, so definitely consider a mixed breed adoption if you’re looking for a dog that’s trainable and laid back.


Mixed-Breed ESAs are Grateful to Have You, Too


Oftentimes, dogs with mixed ancestry can’t be bought, but have to be adopted from local animal shelters. Many dogs who are adopted become exceptionally loving because they are so thankful to finally have a home. In other words, adopted dogs make some of the best pets for depression. Keeping rescue animals as ESAs give the owner and the animal a sense of purpose– both you and the pup might feel like you’ve finally found the friend you needed to get through hard times.


Apply for an ESA Letter Online


Seventy-four percent of individuals reported mental health improvements from keeping animals as companions. If you’re looking for new options to combat mental health difficulties, a mixed-breed emotional support dog might be the perfect choice.


Once you’ve adopted your emotional support animal, make sure you can keep her by your side with ESA registration. For more information, or to apply for an ESA letter online, visit today!