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Taking a summer vacation with your emotional support animal is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have. The memories you’ll create when hitting the road and vacationing with your ESA will warm your heart for the rest of your life.

And it’s not only you who will enjoy a summer vacation. Your emotional support pet will also have a fantastic time – exploring new environments, meeting new people and animals, getting into nature, and enjoying fresh new sights, sounds, and smells.

Before you embark on a summer vacation with your ESA, it is crucial that you plan thoroughly and sensibly. Your emotional support animal’s wellbeing is sacrosanct and it is your responsibility to ensure your ESA best friend is comfortable, healthy, and happy while on vacation.

Planning A Summer Vacation With An Emotional Support Animal

In order to ensure your ESA’s wellbeing and the success of your trip, it is important to plan effectively. You need to think ahead and preempt any issues or problems that could arise. A thorough plan means you and your emotional support animal can kick back and relax while you are vacationing this summer.

Why Is It A Good Idea To Take A Summer Vacation With An ESA?

Taking a summer vacation with your ESA is relaxing and fun for both you and your pet. Also, a vacation is a fantastic bonding experience that will bring you and your ESA even closer together. You’ll share experiences and memories that will solidify the bond you share.

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Image by StockSnap on Pixabay: Why not plan a summer vacation with your ESA?

How Do You Travel With An Emotional Support Animal?

You can travel with an emotional support animal in many different ways. Plenty of hotels, motels, resorts, bars, and restaurants are pet-friendly. You can travel with your ESA in your own vehicle or use some types of public transport.

Where Can I Go On Vacation With My Dog?

ESA dogs can have a great time and be excellent travel companions on many different types of vacations, ranging from active outdoor adventures to relaxing beach getaways.

What To Do With A Dog On Vacation

Most ESA dogs will be able to keep up with you on active vacations that involve plenty of walking. If you are going to engage in an activity that is not suitable for your breed of dog, such as an especially long hike or certain indoor activities, you may want to explore daycare options.

Even if you are planning to lie around on the beach all day, you’ll need to be sure that your dog gets enough exercise. Again, a doggie daycare could be a good option here.

Can A Vacation Rental Property Deny An Emotional Support Animal?

The Fair Housing Act (FHA) protects a person’s right to live with an ESA in a rented or bought property. However, the FHA doesn’t cover vacation rentals. The FHA covers all “temporary or permanent dwellings,” but not “transitory” accommodation, which is what most rental properties are classed as. So it is possible for a vacation rental property to deny an ESA.

Tips On Planning A Summer Vacation With An Emotional Support Animal

1. Keep Up-To-Date On Expected Weather Conditions

When planning your summer vacation with your ESA, make sure you know what the weather will be like. Some ESA dogs are uncomfortable in very cold or very warm weather. Knowing what type of weather you will encounter means you can be prepared.

2. Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Serviced

Make sure the vehicle you are traveling in, whether it is your own or rented, is serviced and in good working order. A breakdown while on vacation with your ESA would be an inconvenient and stressful experience that will add unwanted stress to your vacation.

3. Check Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning

If you are driving with your ESA in hot weather, it is imperative that your vehicle has well-functioning air conditioning. Dogs can overheat and become ill very quickly in a hot car. Humans can remove layers of clothing and sweat to keep cool, but dogs can’t!

4. Bring Plenty Of Supplies For Your ESA

Bring plenty of drinking water, food, snacks, treats, toys, poop bags, leads, and anything else your emotional support animal will need to stay happy, comfortable, and entertained on your vacation.

5. Consider Vacation Destinations Carefully

Choose a sensible vacation destination that is pet-friendly and, ideally, will have some other pets for your ESA to interact with. Find pet-friendly accommodation and research pet-friendly restaurants, bars, and venues at your destination.

6. Contact Any Travel Companies You Intend To Use Before You Book

If you will be using travel companies such as airlines or cruise, bus, or train companies, you will need to contact them ahead of time to make sure they allow ESAs to travel. Unfortunately, not all travel companies allow ESAs to travel in 2021.

dog exploring dunes at beach on summer vacation
Image by HanySadek on Pixabay: How do you travel with your ESA?

7. Find A Good Local Doggie Daycare

Most destinations will have a good local doggie daycare. Finding a good daycare will mean you can drop your ESA off for the day if you want to do some activities that are not dog-friendly, or if you just want to let your pet play with some other dogs for an afternoon.

8. Know The Closest Emergency Vet

Finally, before you embark on your vacation, find out the contact details of an emergency vet at your destination, in the event that your ESA falls ill or an accident happens.

How Do You Get An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

If you have not yet gotten an official emotional support animal letter, the easiest way to do so is to visit the Moosh online clinic. At Moosh you will have an online consultation with a mental health professional registered in your state who will verify your suitability for ESA treatment.

Once you have been verified, the mental health professional will immediately send you a certified ESA letter. It is a quick and straightforward process.

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