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The necessity of lockdown during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic put a spanner in the works of a lot of people’s fitness routines. For many people, their local gym is (or was) a one-stop-shop containing all of the exercise equipment they had come to depend on. This left millions of gym-goer, all over the world floundering, and wondering “How do you stay motivated to exercise during lockdown?!”

Once lockdowns came into effect, it seemed that without the weights, machines, and treadmills that were locked away in their local gyms, people would struggle to stay fit and healthy. Not only that, the ongoing stress and monotony of lockdown can really put a dint in people’s fitness motivation. But don’t worry – if you’re wondering, “How can I keep fit and healthy at home during lockdown?”, we’ve got some tips for you.

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Image by rob9040 on Pixabay: There are lots of ways to stay fit at home during lockdown.

Lockdown Forces People To Think Outside The Box

But humans are adaptable creatures. And necessity very often proves to be the mother of invention. What at first glance seemed to be a fitness disaster for many people, has turned out to be an unexpected opportunity to freshen things up in a great way! Many people are fitter now, after almost a year of being locked down, than they ever were pre-COVID-19.

Gyms, by their nature, tend to influence everybody to work out in the same (and for many people, boring) ways. A lot of people find pushing dumbbells up and down and slogging through knee-eroding treadmill cardio sessions to be a massive drag. Pre-COVID, many people went to the gym because it was the “right” thing to do, even though they found the experience to be boring and somewhat soul-destroying. But the closure of gyms has had people expanding their exercise horizons – which can only be a good thing.

How Do I Make Sure My Dog Is Getting Enough Exercise?

People have also been worried about their emotional support pets. If we all had to stay indoors as much as possible, would be unable to exercise our pets? Many people wondered “How can I keep my dog active at home?”. Most ESAs need regular exercise to stay healthy and happy, so this is an important question.

People Are Staying Fit And Exercising Their ESAs During Lockdown In Novel Ways

“How do you stay motivated to exercise during lockdown?” You make it fun! People are now working out and staying fit in a whole bunch of novel ways. People are exercising both in their homes and outdoors, as well as with their emotional support pets. They’re breathing fresh air as they run and play in (never-more-appreciated) parks and gardens.

If you’re wondering how to boost your (and your ESA’s) fitness during these tricky times, here are four hacks to make sure you get enough exercise during lockdown…

1. Set Up A Home Gym

Before lockdown, a lot of people imagined that they could not get a great workout done without all the fancy, expensive equipment that they used at the gym. But people have discovered that when it comes to a gym setup, simple works best. All you need to set up a great home gym is a few weights or kettlebells, a pull-up bar, maybe a punching bag or a skipping rope… There are no must-haves or rules; you can simply choose the equipment that you enjoy using.

There is a lot of gym equipment available secondhand and cheap online. Setting up a home gym is easy, customizable, and a great way to stay fit.

2. Take Up A New Form Of Cardio

Cardio is incredibly healthy. It is fantastic for heart and lung health, and it’s great at burning fat and reducing body weight. And during lockdown, people are discovering that there are plenty more cardio options than just slogging it out on a treadmill.

It’s just a simple fact: if you find a form of cardio you love, you will do more cardio! Running or cycling in nature, online stationary bike races, skipping, long walks, cross-country jogging, swimming in the sea… There are so many fun forms of cardio that you can try during lockdown, and you might just find your new favorite.

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Image by buchse12 on Pixabay: Setting up an obstacle course for your ESA will keep you and your ESA fit and healthy.

3. Set Up An Obstacle Course For Your ESA

Having an emotional support animal is a great way to stay fit. Most ESAs require regular exercise. Setting up a fun obstacle course for your ESA dog, cat, or pig in the garden is a great way for both you and your ESA to stay fit and healthy during lockdown.

4. Explore Your City On Long Walks With Your ESA

Walking is a wonderful form of cardiovascular exercise. Many people are taking the opportunity that lockdowns have provided to explore their town or city when the streets are quiet and peaceful. Taking a sprawling, multi-hour walk with your ESA to some part of town you’ve never explored before is a fantastic form of exercise that will improve the health of both you and your ESA.

How Do You Get An ESA Letter During Lockdown?

The best way to get an emotional support pet letter during lockdown is to use the Moosh online clinic. Moosh is a telemedicine platform that will put you in contact with a mental health professional in your state. Once your condition has been verified, they will send you an ESA letter straight away. It is a quick and easy process and it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

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