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Many veterans suffer from psychological conditions caused by time spent in the military. Working in the military in any capacity, especially doing a tour of active duty, can be very rewarding but also highly stressful. The stress of military life can leave veterans with mental health problems, which is why ESAs are good for vets.

But how can a veteran benefit from an ESA? There are many ways that a veteran can benefit from the support of an emotional pet. By providing companionship, love, support, friendship, a reason to get outdoors and exercise, a sense of responsibility, and a reason to get out of bed in the morning, an ESA can benefit a veteran profoundly.

Below we’ll answer some important questions: Why are ESAs good for vets? What’s the best emotional support animal for veterans? And how can a veteran get an emotional support animal?

Image by Fernandozhiminaicela on Pixabay: An ESA dog for a veteran makes a great companion.

Why are Emotional Support Animals Useful for Veterans?

Conditions that qualify a person for an emotional support animal are common among veterans. Many veterans suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, brought on by the stress on military service. Life can be difficult for veterans who find themselves having to live with mental health conditions.

An emotional support animal is one of the best ways to alleviate and even cure the symptoms of the psychological conditions that veterans tend to suffer from. An ESA dog for a veteran can be an absolute lifesaver, providing the love and companionship that the veteran needs. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that an ESA can completely turn a veteran’s life around.

1. ESAs Help With PTSD Symptoms

One of the main reasons why ESAs are good for vets is that they provide a big help to PTSD sufferers. PTSD is a common condition among veterans because of the things they can be exposed to while serving in the military. PTSD is a difficult condition to live with. It brings with it a host of unpleasant symptoms such as panic attacks, nightmares, and flashbacks. The calming presence of an ESA can make PTSD much more manageable.

2. ESAs Provide Companionship After a Tour

The best emotional support animal for veterans is a social and cheerful animal such as a dog or pot-bellied pig. This is because it is common for veterans to feel lonely after spending so much time with their military friends on a tour of duty. After the intimacy and comradery of military service, a veteran needs companionship in the civilian world, and an ESA can provide this.

Moosh - dogs riding in car
Image by StockSnap on Pixabay: A veteran can take their ESA on a trip.

3. ESAs Help to Alleviate Chronic Anxiety

An ESA dog for a veteran will massively alleviate the chronic anxiety that often comes after military service. A chronic anxiety sufferer can find normal activities – such as going on a trip, attending a social event, or buying groceries – very anxiety-provoking. Having an emotional support pet to accompany you on journeys or go shopping with can greatly reduce anxiety symptoms for veterans.

4. ESAs Greatly Ease Depression

Another reason why ESAs are good for vets is that they ease depression. After the excitement of military service, many veterans can find the mundanity of civilian life depressing. The cheerful company of an ESA is one of the best ways to ease depression for veterans.

5. ESAs Can Help to Cure Insomnia

Insomnia is common amongst veterans. Being used to sleeping in dorms can make lone sleeping quite difficult. The warm company of an ESA best friend can be comforting and relaxing and a great way to cure insomnia.

6. ESAs Need Exercise (and Vets Do, Too)

A major reason ESAs benefit veterans is that they force them to get outside and exercise. An ESA dog for a veteran means the veteran has to walk the dog every day. Being out walking or playing in the park provides vital, mood-elevating exercise for the ESA and its owner!

What’s the Best Emotional Support Animal for Veterans?

The best emotional support animal for veterans is any creature that’s social and loving. Veterans want companionship and company, so a gregarious and loyal animal such as a dog, pot-bellied pig, rat, or (sociable) cat is usually ideal.

If You Have a Physical Disability, an Energetic ESA Won’t Suit You

If you have a physical disability, you must take this into account when choosing an ESA. If your mobility is limited, you will need to get an ESA that does not require a lot of exercise. It is unfair to get an ESA that needs a lot of exercising if you are unable to provide it for them.

How Can a Veteran Get an Emotional Support Animal?

This really is an easy process. The best way for a veteran to get an ESA is to get an ESA letter online through Moosh!

Military service can be a stressful and emotionally scarring experience. An ESA can benefit a veteran massively by providing invaluable company, friendship, love, and support. So if you are a veteran who would benefit from getting an emotional support pet, now is a great time to get online and get yourself an ESA letter!

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