esa pet training

Since domestication began, dogs have been known to be friendly pets at home. They have been providing joy and companionship to human beings. As years have passed, dogs have been promoted to another level where they are currently used to provide emotional support to people with mental health issues. Dogs offering mental health support are known as emotional support animals (ESAs), and they have been gaining popularity in recent years.

What is ESA Pet Training?

ESA pet training is a standardized program of training commonly used pets such as dogs and cats so that they can help people in dealing with mental issues. When your pet undergoes ESA dog training, you will get ESA dog letter, which means that your pet can be used to help people dealing with mental problems. If your loved one has some mental problems, an ESA trained dog will help in the following ways.

1. Companionship

People with mental problems find it hard to stay alone, especially when every other person has gone to work or to attend other duties. ESA trained animals provide reliable companionship and help people with mental problems to cope with treatment. When your loved one is at home alone, an ESA trained animal will offer the necessary companion which eliminates the need for a person to skip work or other official appointments.

2. Reduced Stress

If your loved one is showing symptoms of stress disorders, the only way you can help him is to take your pet for ESA training. ESA pet is very useful in lowering stress levels among people who have mental issues. Pets are very important in dealing with anxiety and stress, especially in public places. If your loved one is afraid to make social contact with others, having a pet around is beneficial.

3. Provided Necessary Distraction

People with mental problems don’t have the sense of purpose and are mostly focused on their illnesses rather than what is around them. However, an ESA pet around provides the necessary distraction that is highly needed for people with mental issues. Pets don’t give you time to think about the past or future. They are always playful, which is essential in your loved ones’ life. They will make your loved one remain happy and cheerful no matter what.

4. Reciprocal Care and Love

People with mental problems need much care and love, which you cannot be able to provide on full time basis because you have to attend your duties leaving your loved one lonely. ESA pet training improves the love shown by the animals and plays a vital role in making them friendlier. Since time immemorial, animals are known to provide unconditional love and care. They also require care and love, which creates a good relationship between your loved one and the trained pet.

5. Physical Exercises

ESA pet training is not only useful in matters of mental health. It can also help someone to stand up from the couch and move around exercising, which is a vital undertaking in long term health. Pets are jovial, and they will not like it when they are restricted in the house. They need to be walked on the lawns and around the backyard. While doing so, your loved one will get an opportunity to cut some pounds, which is also important, albeit physically.

6. Additional Perks

When your dog undergoes ESA pet training, they do not only offer a natural alternative to mental health. You are allowed to fly with your pet if you have the right ESA application. This means that you can have your loved one accompanied by your pet when moving to another country for holiday or even for additional treatment.

What Next?

If your loved has been experiencing mental illness for several years, it is time to change from artificial treatment to natural treatment. By enrolling your dog for ESA pet training, you will be overcoming social anxiety disorders in a natural and cost-effective method.