If you are a fitness fanatic, you’ll want your emotional support animal to be energetic just like you! You want to be able to engage in energy-sapping, endorphin-producing, muscle-building, cardiovascular-system-strengthening outdoor workouts with your ESA, without your pet running out of steam before you’ve even broken a sweat. Some emotional support animals come with more natural athleticism than others. With this in mind, here are four ESAs that will (easily) be able to match your pace in outdoor workouts!

Border Collie

The proud owners of a seemingly bottomless pit of fizzing energy and stamina, border collies are best known for their sheep-corralling skills. A border collie will leap, bound, sprint, and prance across uneven and exhausting Scottish highland terrain, hoarding and arranging sheep for hours on end without any diminution of its vitality. Border collies are sprightly dogs that are designed to move and work. They live lives overflowing with excitement and energy! They also have beautiful, gentle, noble temperaments, and very much enjoy the company of humans. So they make great emotional support animals, provided you can match their boundless energy and spend lots of time outdoors exercising with them (which means they are well-suited to all of you rabid fitness fanatics out there!).

You might not expect an emotional support pig to keep up with you in a workout, but you’d be surprised at how much energy they have!

Pot-Bellied Pig

The humble and unassuming pot-bellied pig is not particularly statuesque or powerful. But what it lacks in size and dynamism it more than makes up for in raw energy and va-va-voom! These cute and highly intelligent little emotional support animals are seriously adventurous and intrepid. A pot-bellied pig’s energy levels tend to be very high, and it will savor a good long walk, and lots of playtime in the park, just as much as most energetic emotional support dogs. As mentioned above, pigs are highly intelligent, and so playtime can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. A pot-bellied pig can be trained to do tricks and play games quite easily. They also have an innate predisposition towards rooting around in the dirt with their curious snouts and digging holes – evolved behaviors that a pig must be allowed to engage in. And as any farmer or gravedigger will attest, digging holes is a lot of hard work! So if you decide to join your pig in the garden and dig a few holes of your own, you will be getting in some awesome exercise (hole-digging may even be included in the next CrossFit Games…!). All in all, pot-bellied pigs are smart animals, great company, and excellent, energetic partners for outdoor exercise.

Whether they’re a former racing dog or not, energetic greyhounds make excellent emotional support animals for fitness fanatics.


Tall, lean, and sleek, the greyhound is surely the star athlete of the dog world. Greyhound racing is big business and attracts hordes of fans and aficionados to stadiums all over the world. Greyhounds are highly trained athletes, on which a lot of money and resources are spent, won, and lost. Many emotional support greyhounds are ex-racing dogs, so their residual fitness level tends to be very high. In order to stay close to peak condition and maintain their enviable physiques, they require a lot of exercise. Obviously, sprinting is their forte, and they won’t necessarily thank you for taking them on long, slow jogs. But if you take them down to the park or the running track you will seriously have your work cut out to keep up with them in short bursts of high-intensity sprinting. Greyhounds are the fastest dogs over short distances, and even Usain Bolt would have a hard time matching them over 100 meters! And while greyhounds like to expend energy in short, sharp bursts down at the track, they also (in common with many top-performing human athletes) love their downtime. When they’re not taking part in high-octane athletic performance, they love nothing more than to kick back and relax, lazing on the sofa, cuddling up to their human companion, and catching up on Netflix. Greyhounds are the perfect emotional support animals to match your pace in outdoor workouts and spent quality downtime with.


A horse is an unusual choice for an emotional support animal, but for those who have the resources and space, a beautiful equestrian ESA can make a wonderful pet. Horses are gentle, loving, and intelligent creatures. And, of course, they are fine physical specimens, capable of feats of strength, speed, and endurance that even the fittest of humans could never match. But if you are a keen fitness fanatic who enjoys working your body in novel ways, horse riding is a very good form of exercise. Sitting atop an emotional support horse and trotting, cantering, or galloping around an enclosure, field, or out in the open countryside will provide you with a fantastic full body workout. Horse riding is excellent for toning and strengthening quads and glutes. It also encourages you to develop an iron core, which is great for fitness, power, posture, and overall health. As emotional support animals, horses provide their owners with great company and endless challenging outdoor workouts.

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