esa dog training

Social Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses afflicting people in the U.S., with over one in four adults suffering from a mental disorder. Anyone suffering from depression knows well enough about wrestling with such an immaterial demon. A sense of purpose is usually the answer in overcoming social anxiety, and it doesn’t always have to be done alone. There can always be someone there to help fight off any overwhelming social anxiety.


On average, the U.S. canine population adds up to a whopping 80 million, with at least 44% percent of every U.S. household has at least one dog as a member of the family. Family is essential when it comes to the emotional support everybody needs. Sometimes, people aren’t enough. We all need more to help us get through some of the more emotionally ravaging moments, and that’s where an ESA dog comes in handy.


Much like how the eye is the window into the soul, ESA dogs can be the window into our hearts. If you’re not getting the necessary emotional support from people, then you can always count on man’s best friend to show you the love you can’t help feel every time your eyes meet theirs. Unlike service animals you’ll see accompanying someone suffering from a disability, Esa dogs provide the therapeutic support needed when you’re feeling down or in need of a friend. Never underestimate a dog’s ability to listen. If the average dog can understand about 165 words, then imagine what an ESA dog can do by processing over 200.


Even though other animals can help treat depression, the highlight of ESA dogs is that of co-dependency. With depression, you can’t help but feel you and your ESA dog need each other, and it makes you feel less alone when fighting off all the stressors out there looking to keep you down.


You may think that because there’s a label on an ESA dog, that the process is super hard. Sorry to be the bearer of good news, getting an ESA dog is as simple as going to your local animal/rescue shelter. Even getting in contact with a breeder can help in your search for a dog that is calm, friendly, and just about looking for the same kind of companionship. Now, if you’re worried about registration or ESA dog training, then fear not because certification is even less of a hassle. All you’re required to do is get an ESA letter from a mental health care professional. Once you’ve certified that your dog is, in fact, an ESA dog, then you’re all set for ESA dog training.


Travel can be a fun experience for sure. It’s only the set up that’s kind of a pain, and it’s no different with an ESA Dog. Unlike service animals, ESA animals are allowed to fly in the cabin of a commercial or private airline. And if you’re worried about any potential fees, then you can set those worries aside because as their handler, you’re not required to pay any pet fees. However, whatever commercial Airline you do fly with, you must provide advance notice that you are flying with an ESA animal, along with the necessary prescription letter from a licensed mental health professional.


Depression is a hard burden to bear, and surrounding yourself with people can help. However, having an ESA dog by your side might be the extra step in treating your depression because of the intuitive innocence anyone who is a lover animals, not just dogs, can find in the simple but peaceful silence they grant us when we need the world to just be a little less noisy.